The news of mobile gaming

Smartphones become capable of supporting important products with remarkable graphics and varied gameplay, a real evolution!

When the news of a portable playstation broke, everyone was thrilled that they could finally play those beloved franchises whenever and wherever they wanted. Today it really seems an era has passed, however the failure of all those consoles is not so many years old and is linked precisely to mobile gaming. The more the years passed, the more smartphones became able to support important products with remarkable graphics and varied gameplay. The portable playstation and all the other consoles were easily forgotten. Furthermore, today mobile gaming has reached every frontier, from multiplayer to single player campaigns, from gran turismo to 7 Melons online casinos. This last product is just the affirmation of what we were saying, as mobile gaming is so advanced that it can afford all those safe and reliable products, which have reinvented the way to play classic casino games such as blackjack and many others. .

The evolution of mobile gaming

After Snake on Nokia, mobile gaming has changed a lot. The content, the form, but also the medium have evolved. Today, mobile gaming is a more revenue-generating industry than the console and PC market. Not so long ago, the gaming possibilities offered by phones were quite limited. On the one hand there was not much choice and on the other hand the games were quite simple and short. Today, our smartphones allow us to access a very large library of games: 78% of the games downloaded are casual games, 20% are core games, where players play longer and are more engaged and 2% are casino with slot games. Phones continue to evolve, allowing games to adopt more advanced graphics, and their storage space is increasing, allowing for regular updates to be integrated. Finally, thanks to the spread of 5G, everything is involved in a very high data exchange rate.

The appearance of VR

In all of this, VR headsets have exploded in popularity in recent years, as they offer a totally immersive gaming experience and some games cannot be played without them. The idea of ​​a mobile game and a virtual reality headset doesn’t seem very compatible. How will augmented reality evolve? Connected glasses allow you to make the most of this technology, but we can ask ourselves if it is really relevant to accessorize mobile games. According to Google and Microsoft, the future of video games is cloud gaming – a game without a physical, streaming-based console. We will all obviously stay up to date on the future of this increasingly strong gaming landscape.