The pleasure of honesty: in the first tv on Rai5

Rai Cultura offers the show “The pleasure of honesty” by Luigi Pirandello on the first TV channel on Rai 5. Directed by Valerio Binasco, the new production of the Teatro Stabile di Torino

Second Pirandello show produced for the new season of Stabile Theater of Turin – National Theater, signed by the artistic director Valerio Binasco and by the resident director Filippo Dini. A sign of a profound restart after the current health emergency, with one of the most successful productions for the public and critics.

Theaters transformed into installation studios, ready to host audiovisual projects and made usable for the most important productions and staging. A show capable of reviving emotions even for the home audience thanks to hard teamwork.

Aired in premiere on Saturday 22 May On the canal Rai 5.

The pleasure of honesty: in the first tv on Rai5

The restart with Binasco | The pleasure of honesty: in the first tv on Rai5

The pleasure of honesty, a ruthless text that immediately emphasizes honesty. A courageous and demanding restart, with a controversial vision of the presumed and overly constructed bourgeois ethics. Angelo Baldovino, anti-hero protagonist, a wreck and a loser; a lonely man who violently bursts into everyday life, living his condition as an outcast of society as a personality defense towards his surroundings. Precisely because of his condition as an outcast to restore the sense of honesty to a young woman.

Valerio Binasco faces Luigi Pirandello for the first time, in a dual role of actor and director. A work that of Binasco, shosted between tradition and echoes of Jon Fosse, enriched by an already solid team cast: with Giordana Faggiano, Orietta Notari, Rosario Lisma, Lorenzo Frediani, Franco Ravera.

The scenography by Nicolas Bovey, the costumes of Gianluca Falaschi and costume assistant Anna Missaglia. Assistant director Roberto Turchetta, assistant director Giulia Odetto. Directed video by Lucio Fiorentino.

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