The power of the dog

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The Power of the Dog is the new film by Jane Campion, which has won the Director Guild Award and three Critics Choice Awards, confirming itself as one of the most beloved films of the season and a big favorite for the 2022 Oscars.

Jane Campion’s and Benedict Cuberbatch’s film the power of the dogwon the Directors Guild Awardthe award for the best direction assigned to them by Union of US Directors.

Following the power of the doghe also won tre Critics Choihe Awards, awards from film critics.

Same film critics they also paid by the filmmaker australiana the following awards: the award for the best film, the award for the best director, the award for the best screenplay, and the award for the best photography.

The power of the dog

The compelling story: the power of the dog

The film takes place in 1925, in Montanawhere two brothers, George and Philwealthy ranch owners meet the widow Rose Gordon. Who immediately wins the heart of the kind brother, George.

Unlike Philis the gruff brother who teases Peter, son by Rose.

George and Rose they get married, and half the money of the estate’s George they are used to send Peter in college, which is very disturbing Philbelieving that Rose married her brother only for his money.

Then the insults and contemptuous manners continue towards the woman, who by dint of being discriminated against and mistreated begins to drink.

During the summer though Peter comes home, always being laughed at by Phil, who over time begin to get along, even spending time together, building a rope of animal skins for a job. And seeing this, Rose begins to drink more and more.

A day Peterfinds a dead cow of disease, and begins to take its skin but says nothing to Phil. Why exactly when Phil is in trouble it gives its skins to man.

E Phil taking her unaware that they were infected, he falls ill, and dies.

The power of the dog

Favorite at the 2022 Oscars: the power of the dog

As already stated, the power of the dogis the big favorite to the Oscar 2022since it has gotten well 12 candidature.

The following awards wins are: the BAFTA, for the best director, two Golden Globes, the elite of Hollywood.

It is rumored that the director Jane Campionit will tighten more than one golden statuette in your hands. For in her career she has only won one Oscar: for the best screenplay with the film: Piano Lessons.

The power of the dogto which the the jury of the last Venice Film Festival voted the Silver Lion for the best directionwas not the only triumph of the Directors Guild Awards, but also to: Maggie Gyllenhaal won the award for the best director newcomer with the Dark Daughterstarring Olivia Colman and Dakota Johnson.

Cast and animation of the film: the power of the dog

The power of the dogyou can find it on the platform of Netflix, and sees in the cast the famous Benedict Cumberbatchformerly known as the very famous Doctor Strange(which you can find in the category Marvelsouth Disney+).

Still Jesse Plemons, Kirsten Dunst, and Kodi Smit-McPhee.

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