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One Piece: the return of Joyboy | Jump Highlights

Fan in turmoil for the latest chapter of One Piece, in which Luffy undergoes a strange transformation that could mark the return of the legendary Joyboy. Cover for Black Clover, with Asta facing Lucifer alone

Luffy lies defeated on the summit of Onigashima, due to the intervention of the man of the CP0. But a rhythmic noise spreads through the air: Zunisha declares that they are the “Drums of freedom”and which signal the return of Joyboy.

Incredible chapter, the number 1043 of One Piece: after seeing Luffy on the ground, lifeless, with Momonosuke and Law confirming the disappearance of the voice, everyone thought it was over. Instead, new energy flows into our captain’s body, but what is it? His body seems to turn into a liquid substance.

Has Joyboy somehow taken possession of Luffy’s body? It is the awakening of the fruit Gom Gom, referred to by many as the dangerous fruit with a modified name, which the government hunts? Unfortunately we will have to wait two weeks to find out: the usual monthly break of Room it was strategically placed this time too.

One Piece: the return of Joyboy |  Jump Highlights

Not only One Piece: other Highlights of Shonen Jump

The cover of the magazine this week is dedicated to Black Cloveranother shonen of the old guard. To stay and associates are still grappling with Luciferemerged from the infernal portal of the Kingdom of Swords.

With Commander Yami also falling, only Asta can hope to stop the opponent. To give him new strength, coming to know the past of the devil love, who is affected by Lucifer for the death of his adoptive mother. Asta then exhibits a new transformation. Will that be enough to complete the fight?

Con Black Clover, One Piece e My Hero Academia in the end, an era of shonen is about to end. The new proposals do not seem to be able, or willing, to follow the path left by the old glories. What does the future have to offer? With the conclusion of DR. STONE, we will probably see a new major title coming to Jump soon.