The Rise of Laser Master 3: Madethebest’s Super Smash Bros

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Ortur Laser Master 3, a new generation laser engraver, is about to arrive on the market. Thanks to the active promotions on Madethebest you can take home the new product at a discounted price, along with many accessories and complementary products

Ortur is a company specialized in the production of laser cutting machines and engravers. Usually these machines are found in companies that do mechanical processing. I’m large, noisy and very expensive. Ortur’s mission, on the other hand, is that of put within everyone’s reach these tools.

Small artisans, art studios, small businesses, workshops and even hobbyists can afford Ortur’s engravers. But where can we find Ortur products? Madethebest is a reference point for professional tools including engravers, printers and other power tools. Madethebest has always had a deep relationship with Ortur. In fact, the new Ortur Laser Master 3 was launched right on Madethebest. All Ortur products purchased on Madethebest will be shipped from a local warehouse. The process does not involve taxes and shipping costs. So Madethebest’s logistics infrastructure together with the quality of Ortur products will certainly meet your expectations.

The Rise of Laser Master 3: Madethebest's Super Smash Bros

Ortur Laser Master 3: brand new and already on sale

Announced by very few, the new Ortur Laser Master 3 is already being talked about for many reasons. In fact it is a product really suitable for everyone. It can be assembled in about 3 minutes and we can already begin to engrave with our laser.

We will be able to connect our smartphone or our PC and, thanks to the dedicated Ortur applications and standard programs such as LaserGRBL or Laser Explorer, we can easily transfer our files directly to many different materials such as rock, metals, porcelain, leather, wood, paper, etc. … The support with the most popular image formats for engraving such as NC, BMP, JPG, PNG, DX makes it much easier to use. L’high speed and precision make Ortur Laser Master 3 one of the best products in this category. The focal point has a size of 0.05 × 0.1mm and allows an accuracy of 0.01mm. It also features flame detection technology for our safety.

The Rise of Laser Master 3: Madethebest's Super Smash Bros

The promotion

On the occasion of the launch of Laser Master 3 on Madethebest, Ortur has prepared a nice fellow discounts. Thanks to the coupon “LM3ZB100” you can get an immediate discount of 100 euros, bringing the final price at 649 euros. You can also choose to purchase the bundle Laser Master 3 + Ortur YRR2.0. Thanks to this accessories it will also be possible to engrave cylindrical objects such as cans, pipes, etc. The final discounted price will be 699,98 euro.

However, you will have to hurry up because the offer will only be valid until August 31st!

The Rise of Laser Master 3: Madethebest's Super Smash Bros

More offers on Madethebest

Many other products Ortur however can be found on offer during this time on Madethebest. Let’s see some interesting ones:

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