The Sims 4: arriva l'aggiornamento Un giorno alla SPA con tante novità thumbnail

The Sims 4: A day at the SPA update arrives with lots of new features

The Sims 4: A day at the SPA update arrives with lots of new thumbnails

EA and Maxis revealed that the Game Pack The Sims 4 A day at the SPA will receive an update on Tuesday, September 7, which will introduce a number of new content improvements and updates and allow Sims to relax and de-stress. Players can now pamper their Sims with facial masks, manicures and pedicures, new nail colors, designs and shapes to allow them to show their style and individuality.

The Sims 4: Here is the One day at the SPA update

The Sims 4 A Day at the SPA game pack will also contain a new aspiration, Inner Peace, and the High Maintenance feature; children can then participate in wellness activities, including yoga and meditation. Sims who wish to take their well-being to the next level can aspire to become a Zen guru or personal care specialists and earn a few extra Simoleons by teaching other Sims to find control through awareness.

The trailer released by the developers includes a cameo from EbonixSims, who partnered with The Sims team for some of the nail designs in the Game Pack, and joined SimGurus during the Spa Day deep dive live stream two days ago. If you want to catch up on the stream, we recommend that you check out the official The Sims YouTube or Twitch channels.

Players interested in The Sims 4 A Day at the Spa Game Pack can find out more about the update on the game’s official website. Plus, everyone who already owns the Game Pack they will be able to update it for free starting from 7 September.

This is just the latest in a long line of updates that The Sims 4 has gone through during its lifecycle, and it looks like the developers still have quite a few in store for us.

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