The smartphone printer that offers everything and more, from instax

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L’digital evolution of photography it has changed the way we preserve our memories a lot. Long gone are the days when we had to choose carefully how many photos to take during a holiday, in order not to consume too many rolls of film. Not to mention the long waits for development before seeing which shots turned out well. However, as much as digital photography has its advantages, there’s still a certain appeal to having a physical version of our memories, particularly when we’re talking about the 1980s snapshot aesthetic. For this one smartphone printer as the instax SQUARE Link it can be an ideal solution to have the best of both worlds. After testing it these days, let’s see how it went…

instax SQUARE Link, a compact and simple smartphone printer…

In this product of instax, a Fujifilm brand that has greatly contributed to the renaissance of instant photography in recent years, everything seems designed to be as simple and accessible as possible. The printer itself has dimensions quite contained and easily fits into any bag (and potentially even your pocket). The rounded design with some shiny inserts contributes to this idea of ​​simplicity, as well as being quite pleasing to the eye.

On the surface we find basically three buttons. one dedicated topower on (illuminated in varying shades, to give a pop of color when lit), one that serves a reprint automatically the last shot to be able to make a second copy to share among friends and finally a third that opens the rear compartment in which to insert the films.

To these is added a small flap which encloses the USB-C socket for recharging, protected from dust and external agents. The battery is also particularly powerful: the official promise is about 100 prints with a full charge. In short, it will be difficult to find yourself dry at the wrong time.

Obviously then the simplicity also passes through the use itself. It takes very little to connect via Bluetooth to the printer with our smartphone via theofficial app. At that point we just have to choose our photomake a couple of clicks and in two minutes it will be ready, obviously passing through the always exciting phase of development under our eyes, which has made snapshots so iconic.

…but which offers much more!

Of course, for the best shots, rely only on certified models!

You could say this is it all that is required to a printer for smartphones: that is easy to use, fast, portable and has good print quality. And if on all these features instax SQUARE Link it did not disappoint us at allit is interesting to see how many extra possibility offer through the application.

The matched software indeed non serve simply select the shots to print. If this were the case, we should probably have marked it among the malus, as a complication of a process that should be simple by its nature. We were rather surprised to know that the features it offers are many and particularly useful to personalize our memories even more.

In fact, inside we can find a editor which allows us to edit our photos. It’s about basic tools, such as hue and contrast correction, adding filters, text overlays, stickers, frames and the like. If we want to do deep photo editing it is still necessary to rely on different software, but for the most immediate needs it is perfectly fine. In particular, the possibility of make collagesmerging different shots into a single frame, which can have a great final effect.

Plus we have the fun option of take advantage of the so-called AR Printing. This allows us to insert a QR code on our photos, which refers to a digital version of the shot on which we can add different 3D effects (see below for some examples). A way to make our memories even more special and fade even more the border between digital and analog.

instax SQUARE Link is the smartphone printer that covers all needs and beyond

If you are interested in the world of snapshot, especially if at an amateur level to preserve your most cherished memories in a special way, the idea of ​​a smartphone printer is an excellent solution. Taking a special camera, although more faithful to the retro spirit, brings with it all the disadvantages of the past. In fact, it means bringing an extra device with you (with a charger, if any), but above all not be sure of the quality of the shot until it’s too late to go back.

With instax SQUARE Link, on the other hand, you can easily take your photos from smartphones and then pass them on the printer when you are 100% certain that they are the way you want them. Not only that, but you can too correct shots as you prefer through the editor and even introduce unique digital effects, to make them even more special.

In short, it is a product that definitely convinced us and that will make you a lot of fun. Without forgetting that it can be aperfect idea for a giftalso in view of the holidays that are approaching…