The Speeder: the first flying motorcycle is almost a reality

The Speeder: la prima motocicletta volante è quasi realtà thumbnail

The first flying motorcycle is under development and has passed the first flight test. After the flying car, which completed its first test flight a few weeks ago, now it seems the turn of the two wheels. If we can actually talk about wheels, given that the prototype in question, called The Speeder, is produced by Jetpack Aviation, moves thanks to turbines and looks, in effect, a vehicle straight out of a Star Wars movie.

Here is The Speeder: the first flying motorcycle

In some ways The Speeder is a bit of a dream come true for all science fiction fans. We are faced with a motorcycle that runs on jet turbines and looks more like a flying jet ski, which to a two-wheeler in the classic sense of the term. Anyway, this new prototype has just completed its first test flight which will allow it to move on to the next stage of production.

Although it is not the complete vehicle having taken flight, the manufacturing company has tested the VTOL self-stabilizing jet platform which will form the basis for the Speeder. Tests have shown that the platform can hover in the air, spin, move in various directions and straighten after being hit by external agents, all of which are incredibly difficult to accomplish when working with four jet engines.

It is in fact ad a technology completely similar to that of drones, without too many variations on the theme. However, jet engines will allow the vehicle to travel higher and faster than any other available right now, and they won’t necessarily be electric. Furthermore, the manufacturers have assured that it will be very fast.

According to Jetpack Aviation, there will be various iterations of The Speeder flying motorcycle, including military and cargo lifting models. The vehicle is expected to reach a maximum speed of 241 kilometers per hour at a maximum altitude of 4,572 meters.