The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Kazuya Pack is coming tomorrow

Announced the new content pack dedicated to Kazuya, a Tekken character who joins the other Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters

During the conference Nintendo, held just past E3 2021, the new package containing Kazuya coming for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Today, as usual for every new addition to the Smash Bros. Ultimate cast (the latest being Pyra and Mithra), the game’s director Masahiro Sakurai gave a presentation in which he showed every detail related to Kazuya’s gameplay within the Nintendo fighting game. The character from Tekken will be available tomorrow for anyone who bought the Fighter Pass Vol. 2 of the title.

All the contents of the package dedicated to Kazuya coming to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Sakurai, during the 40-minute character presentation, showed off Kazuya’s fighting style, specifying that their intent was not that of copy and paste the fighting style of the character from Tekken to Smash Bros. Kazuya, in this version for the Nintendo title, is unique in its own way, while maintaining the moves and characteristics that have made him an iconic character of the saga to which he belongs.

Kazuya hits hard and has several powerful shots that make use of his Devil Gene. Thanks to this power he will be able to transform into his demonic version to use powerful special moves like the Devil Blaster with which he can hit opponents by shooting a laser from the eyes, or the Devil Wings, with which he can attack characters higher than him and also avoid falling out of the ring.

Once his health reaches 100% for hits taken, Kazuya will be able to enter Rage mode, which will increase its damage by 1.1% and change its called attack Heaven’s Door which will become more powerful. Finally, his Final Smash will be a burst of lasers capable of hitting several opponents at the same time. The package containing Kazuya will arrive tomorrow in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and will also contain alternate costumes for the character, a new stage and 39 songs from Tekken. These contents can be purchased individually for € 5.99 or will be included by purchasing the Fighter Pass Vol. 2.

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