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The test drive of the new Škoda Kodiaq 2024: the second generation convinces

Shame on the Kodiaq is renewed and in the new version presents a wide range of engines, as well as visible improvements inside the passenger compartment and in the infotainment system, which has never been so smart and intuitive. We tried it with a test drive between the streets of Barcelona and Catalonia: here are all the news and how much does it cost the new Skoda Kodiaq 2024.

skoda kodiaq 2024 test driveskoda kodiaq 2024 test drive

Škoda Kodiaq 2024: the design of the second generation

The second generation of Shame on the Kodiaq It comes with a solid appearance and better aerodynamics. Note the presence of distinctive elements, such as the sculpted bonnet with the Škoda logo in Unique Dark Chrome matte finish. The hexagonal grille, illuminated by 14 light elements, blends harmoniously with the large air intake and sculpted air curtains, optimizing air flow.

The roofline is now slimmer and the rear of the vehicle has also been updated, with a large tailgate and a redesigned bumper for easier loading. The innovations continue with the second generation Matrix LED headlights, which offer enhanced brightness and a horizontal light strip on the front grille.

LED taillights, with animated turn signal options, add a modern, stylish touch. The alloy wheels are available in various sizes up to 20 inches, while the new Kodiaq It is available in a range of nine exterior colors to choose from.

The interiors, between comfort and elegance

What's new inside the passenger compartment of the new one Skoda Kodiaq 2024 – which we tried during ours test drive – improve both practicality and the driving experience. Among these are the Smart Dials, intuitive multifunction controls positioned under the infotainment display that combine tactile and digital elements for quick access to numerous vehicle functions, including volume adjustment, interior temperature management and heating or seat ventilation.

The central console, however, has been redesigned to offer more space and a better layout of the controls. The new central display ofinfotainment, available up to 13 inches, is independent and easily accessible thanks to the hand rest underneath. For the first time Kodiaq is equipped with the head-up display, which adds a touch of modernity to the Virtual Cockpit, while the audio system offers exceptional sound with eight speakers as standard and optionally the Canton Sound System with 13 speakers.

Numerous Simply Clever features, such as the display cleaner and the additional storage compartment on the central tunnel, make the new Skoda Kodiaq 2024 even more practical and functional.

skoda kodiaq 2024 prezzoskoda kodiaq 2024 prezzo

Škoda Kodiaq 2024: the test drive and the engines

For the Kodiaq 2024, Škoda offers a notable variety of engines, to which is also added the novelty of the plug-in hybrid engine – a version not yet on the market. The petrol and diesel versions, which we tested during our test, are already available test drive.

I two diesel and petrol engines they are combined with a 7-speed DSG: we are talking about a 1.5 TSI mHEV with 150 or 204 HP for the petrol and a 2.0 TDI with 150 or 193 HP for the diesel. The latter is the version we tried in our test drive, and the driving experience can only amaze.

As for the driving dynamics, Kodiaq 2024 offers the system DCC Plus Dynamic Chassis Control, which quickly adjusts damping to improve response and ride comfort.

Connectivity and driving assistance

The new Shame on the Kodiaq also presents innovations regarding the connectivity and driver assistance systems. The permanent Internet connection enables a number of online features, including over-the-air updates and services Skoda Connect.

Among the new functions we find Powerpass, for public charging of electric models, Pay to Fuel for automatic payment at selected service stations and Pay to Park which shows free parking spaces and allows you to make the payment directly from the app or from the display of the vehicle.

L’MyŠkoda app, however, has been completely revisited, offering complete remote access to the vehicle and a series of useful functions, such as position display and management of charging processes for plug-in hybrid models. The digital voice assistant Laura has also been redesigned, which can answer general knowledge questions and control the vehicle's infotainment and climate control systems.

Regarding safety, the new Skoda Kodiaq 2024 offers a series of advanced driver assistance systems, including Turn Assist, Collision Avoidance Assist and Exit Warning, which react promptly to prevent collisions and warn the driver in critical situations.

skoda kodiaq 2024 test drive prezzoskoda kodiaq 2024 test drive prezzo

How much does the new Škoda Kodiaq 2024 cost?

The diesel and petrol engines of the Skoda Kodiaq 2024 they can already be ordered from all dealers and the first deliveries are expected during May 2024. But how much does it cost? Prices for the petrol version start from 40.700 euro in the basic 5-seater version, which become 41.300 euro for the 7 seater.

Diesel engines, on the other hand, start from 44,900 euros and 49,400 euros in the 150 and 193 HP engines for the 5-seater version and 45,500 euros and 50,000 euros for the 7-seater version. All 5-seater engines are available with a basic setup, called Selection, and the subsequent Executive and Style setups up to 52,500 euros. The 7-seater, however, is only available in the Executive and Style trim levels.

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