Gli USA preparano le difese informatiche contro gli hacker russi thumbnail

The US prepares cyber defenses against Russian hackers

US prepares cyber defenses against Russian hackers thumbnail

For the United States the attack by Russian hackers is a real possibility, so much so that the president Biden puts the US cyber defenses. Most of America’s critical infrastructure is private, so it will take a lot of cooperation to react to the attacks coming from Moscow.

The US prepares defenses against Russian hackers

Biden does not use half measures. Russia’s isolation will lead Moscow to a cyber fight. Both public infrastructure and private services that have fled Russia in the last month will be targeted.

This is a “critical time to accelerate our work to improve home cybersecurity and strengthen ours national resilience“. According to the US president, companies need the utmost attention: “If you haven’t already, I urge our private sector partners to immediately strengthen their cyber defenses by implementing the best practices we have developed together over the past year.”

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Anne Neuberg, Deputy National Security Adviser, increases the dose. Companies must “take immediate action to strengthen their defenses against potential cyber attacks”.

To help companies raise virtual shields against the Kremlin, they created the site This will allow us to react in a short time to any attacks by Russian hackers. Moscow will likely not claim the attacks but will let hacking groups close to the Moscow secret services attack American technology.

Biden’s warning serves as an ‘official’ wake-up call, but in recent weeks the Russ hackersi have done a lot of talking about themselves. Increasing cyber defenses becomes essential for all companies, not just American ones.

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