Twitch arriva ufficialmente su Nintendo Switch thumbnail

Twitch officially arrives on Nintendo Switch

The largest game streaming service in the world, Twitch, is now finally available on consoles Nintendo Switch. The announcement comes directly from Nintendo, via its official Twitter account. Let’s find out all the details together.

Twitch sbarca su Nintendo Switch

Nintendo of America announced via a tweet that the app can be downloaded (free of charge) from the online eShop game company and run from any of its current consoles. Twitch is in fact compatible on Switch OLED, Switch Lite and the standard Switch model.

Users will be able to enjoy live streams of their favorite streamers when and where they want. However, as you can imagine, there are some limitations. Unfortunately the users they will not be able to broadcast their own streams. Plus the whole experience was obviously simplified e adapted to the Nintendo console.

There is a home, a navigation tab and a search bar. There is no option to be able to view O interact with the stream chats directly on your Switch. In order to communicate you must connect with your smartphone. Fortunately it is possibleand scan a QR code from the Switch Twitch app to quickly navigate to stream and the chat on your phone.

Likewise, the account and help sections typically found in the Twitch app not available on the Switch and must be accessed via your smartphone. Here, too, you will need a QR code which you can easily find on the console app.

Adding Twitch to the Nintendo console scores a incredible step forward and we hope that, in the future, it can expand for support the transmission of game streams. The console features may not allow for the addition of similar functionality but we are confident. If you also want to download the Twitch app, you can do so via Nintendo eShop.

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