The “World UFO Day”: why is it celebrated on July 2nd?

Legend and truth of the famous Roswell accident, cornerstone of the history of World UFO Day

Tell the truth: you too, as a child, dreamed of the little blue eyes E.T. A cult film from the 1980s, the story of the young Elliot and his paranormal friend has captivated and intrigued an entire generation. Although there is no evidence of their existence, the UFO they play such an important role in popular – especially American – culture that they have a world day dedicated to them. Why World UFO Day does it fall on July 2nd? Let’s find out together.

The Roswell Incident: What Happened According to “Legend”?

The July 2, 1947, an unidentified object crashed on a ranch in the town of Roswell, the county seat of Keys in the US state of New Mexico. About a month before this event, several ufologists claimed to have detected strange phenomena of an alien nature limited to the hinterland of the town. According to the first press release issued theJuly 8, 1947, the mysterious fallen object was a flying saucer! This revelation shocked the media and the most passionate, generating a chain reaction of plots and perplexities. According to the most bizarre theories, as a result of this “accident” of the second type, alien corpses were found. These carcasses – recovered by the American military – would then be taken to a military base located in Nevada: thus was born the first legend linked toarea 51, from that moment the undisputed protagonist of hundreds of conspiracy theses.

"World UFO Day": why is it celebrated on July 2nd?

World UFO Day: an opportunity to clarify

It’s true, today is there World UFO Day but this is the scientific section of and not the set of X-Files: if you are looking for new ideas for your plots, you will not be satisfied.

The story was actually clarified by the government and the army right from the day after the offending communiqué American. The alien remains found in the famous ranch were nothing but “very human” pieces of rubber, foil, wood and Nylon. No, it was not an art attack but simply the wreck of a destroyed weather balloon, used during themilitary operation Mogul. The latter – strictly top secret – involved mounting microphones on balloons in order to capture sound waves generated by potential tests of atomic bombs Soviet-style. This hypothesis is fully justified by the particular historical context: 1947, in fact, was the beginning of the delicate period of the Cold War.

It is said that the goal of the World UFO Day is to raise public awareness of the existence of other intelligent life forms: now, however, go back to studying. There is only one Elliot: no alien will be able to save you from the summer session!