This is why it is important to know your IP address

Knowing your IP address is a practice that in many cases can be useful, and today we will give you some tips to do it better

What is the IP address we have faced it several times on our portal, but let’s try to clarify some fundamental points. The computer literature, but also that of telecommunications, it clearly defines the meaning an Internet Protocol address (IP). When we talk about IP we refer to a number that uniquely identifies a said device host connected to a computer network, our identification id to be precise, which in turn uses l’Internet Protocol as a network protocol. Almost as if it were the equivalent of a street address or telephone number.

In practice this unique series of numbers allows to identify a device connected to a specific network, and in this way the devices continuously exchange information with the network and its protocols, information such as location, and thus allow access for communication. However, there are two types of IP addresses, it can in fact be static or dynamic.

Where the first is used to browse online, and is assigned to every single user who connects to the internet, then we have the second, which is instead classified as dynamic precisely due to its peculiarity, change every 24 hours. Why this? The IP can change at regular intervals to ensure greater privacy protection. If you’re wondering why it’s important to know my IP address, read on.

This is why it is important to know your IP address

Knowing the information on our IP address allows us to understand what data we actually put on display on the web every day, and become aware of this topic that we may take for granted. From an IP address we can in fact go back to the user’s Internet Provider, and therefore determine the position in which the device is located at that particular instant.

It could then happen while browsing the web to come across websites in which the navigation for some IP addresses relating to some regions of the world is blocked by the local government or by the site manager for some reasons. Or, it is possible when traveling to certain areas of the world, that the local governments of those countries make it impossible for you to access websites and Internet services, and we may need a way to circumvent this block, “hiding” precisely our IP address. By verifying the actual success of the process before, and after, through the sites dedicated to detecting my personal IP.

We may therefore need to use a server proxy, buy one VPN or take advantage of the advantages of browser Web Tor and the related advantages of the OnionRouting network protocol.

But how does the assignment of an IP address work in practical terms? First of all we have a certain device A that connects to a network in turn connected to the Internet, and then the latter grants access to device A. So the IP address is assigned to device A by the ISP, which is will take care of redirecting traffic to your device, yielding precisely the IP.

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