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This replica set of The Mandalorian will blow your mind

On the occasion of the brand new trailer, in this article we will show you in detail the Premium Replica Set of The Mandalorian present exclusively on Zavvi

Little is missing. The adventures of the Mandalorian and his little companion will officially continue in 2023. With a trailer that takes us back to the galaxy far away, we were able to take a look at what awaits us and, among characters already seen, a new shuttle and the task of becoming a true Mandalore fighter again, season 3 of The Mandalorian is shaping up to be really crackling.

There are plenty of collectibles from the world of Star Wars. What we are about to show you is, however, a box that looks like it came straight out of Razor Crest and that contains three official replicas of iconic items featured in the series. If we have caught your curiosity, we invite you to read the article!

Here is The Mandalorian Premium Replica Set

Zavvi is a famous store among collectors because, in addition to “mainstream” objects, such as merchandise, action figures and so on, there are real official and exclusive replica sets. One of these is precisely the Set Replica Premium di The Mandalorianpresent only on the green shop e limited to 3000 units worldwide. Speaking of the box, this is initially contained in a white box that preserves it. Composed of a very resistant cardboard, externally it has an aged metal-like pattern, with the logo of the series on the front, the symbol of the Mitosaur and the limited edition number on the top, while all the words on the manufacturer (We have sinned) and anything else on the bottom.

The opening is like a book and, once the upper part is lifted, it will remain wide open at 90 ° thanks to the flap of fabric on the left. Inside, the predominant color is orange. Here we will find a authenticity certificate not three replicas protected by a thick sponge. Let’s now go to see in detail the three collector’s pieces.

The Mythosaur pendant necklace

It goes without saying that the first thing that catches your eye once you open the box is there necklace with the pendant of the Mythosaur that Sending gives to little Grogu. In addition to being a practically perfect replica, this accessory also surprises from the point of view of materials. While the pendant It is made in a consistent stainless steelil snare is in genuine leather. The details of ruin and age of the metal give, then, a unique effect to the necklace.

The customer gear medal

Very significant for the purposes of the TV series, the customer gear medal it is an iconic object. This sort of cockade is distinguished from the necklace seen previously due to a golden color with darker gradients at the edges of the reliefs. Here the strap is in black fabricwith gray details, while the metal of the medal is brushed and it gives its best in sunlight or when exposed with noteworthy lighting.

Beskar ingot

Could our Din Djarin’s favorite credit be missing? Obviously not! With a fairly important specific weight, this Beskar bar is practically a brooch. If turned, in fact, we will find the two needles with closures that allow it to be anchored to the cardboard display base. If you are in possession of the classic brooch closures you could, however, use it safely on backpacks or garments. The ingot, like the medal, is also made of zinc alloy but, this time, the finish is completely chromed. The whole front of the replica is surrounded by opaque details and we also find the gear symbol at the bottom right.

As we previously stated, The Mandalorian Premium Replica Set is available exclusively on Zavvi at a price of € 128.99. What do you think? In our opinion it is one of the best gifts that a fan of The Mandalorian could receive or self-make!

If you are interested in purchasing, you can click here to be directed to the store page.

We thank Zavvi for his collaboration and remind you to keep following our pages to keep up to date on the world of collecting and much more!

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