XIII Remake è disponibile da oggi per nuove console, ecco dove giocarci thumbnail

XIII Remake is available from today for new consoles

XIII Remake is available from today for new consoles, here's where to play it thumbnail

As of today, September 13, it is the new XIII Remake is available for new gaming platforms. The title, by Microids, is a remake of the cult classic FPS released in 2003 as an adaptation of the five comic books of the same name written by Jean Van Hamme and illustrated by William Vance. Here are the details:

XIII Remake is officially available starting today

Starting today, XIII Remake arrives su Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 5 e Xbox Series X e Series S. Players who already have the version of the game for PlayStation 4, Xbox One or for PC can upgrade for free, thus benefiting from a large number of new features introduced with the appropriate update.

The game can count on a revised and optimized technical sector to make the most of all the hardware platforms on which it is available. For users, therefore, there will be several additional options to be able to play XIII in this new modern version.

The version for Nintendo Switch is, undoubtedly, particularly expected, allowing to bring the game into a context of mobility. To check how the Microids title is going on Nintendo Switch, you can take a look at the gameplay video that we attach below:

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