Hyundai e We Drive Solar svelano un progetto Vehicle-to-Grid

Hyundai e We Drive Solar lanciano un servizio di mobilità alimentato da Vehicle-to-Grid thumbnail

Hyundaitogether with the local mobility provider We Drive Solar, started the mobility project in the city of Utrecht by making available 25 Hyundai Ioniq 5 equipped with Vehicle-to-Grid technology, also known as V2G. The goal is to use the vehicles for the bidirectional production. Thanks to this project, the batteries of the Hyundai Ioniq 5 will be used on a large scale to store sustainable energy, using the Vehicle-to-Grid system.

Hyundai participates in a bidirectional power generation project with Vehicle-to-Grid system in Utrecht

This solution guarantees considerable advantages, both for the electricity grid and for the environment. Thanks to the system Vehicle-to-Grid which sees Hyundai cars as protagonists, in fact, electric cars, during peak hours when there is a peak in consumption, they can supply power to the electricity grid. The new Vehicle-to-Grid technology was introduced, on a large scale, in Utrecht. The Dutch city is the first in the world to start a project of this type.

The goal is to become the first bi-directional region in the world from an energy point of view. It should be noted that Utrecht is betting strongly on this system. In the last three years they have been made more than 1,000 bidirectional charging points throughout the region. Charging stations can be used both to charge vehicles and, when necessary, to feed energy into the grid. In the future, a fleet of IONIQ 5s equipped with solar technology will be used for a new car sharing service for the Cartesius district

The company comment

Michael Cole, President and CEO of Hyundai Motor Europe, comments: “We are extremely proud to launch this project with We Drive Solar. At Hyundai, we believe that bi-directional charging, combined with V2G technology, can turn electric vehicles into flexible resources. The technology of the IONIQ 5 and V2G not only offer an alternative solution for customers wishing to move away from traditional combustion engines, but also helps to increase the viability of renewable energy generation within the grid ”.

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