Tineco FLOOR ONE S6, the new floor cleaner from Tineco is increasingly smart

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Tineco, known for its smart appliances, introduces its latest innovative product in the field of domestic cleaning: the FLOOR ONE S6, a floor cleaner ready to change the way we clean

Il Tineco FLOOR ONE S6 it is ideal for families with small children and pets, as it offers a advanced solution instead of the classic bucket and mop: it vacuums and cleans at the same time, successfully tackling even the most persistent stains caused by food and liquids.

Tineco FLOOR ONE S6, the new floor cleaner from Tineco is increasingly smart

FLOOR ONE S6: intelligent cleaning without effort

The new generation floor cleaner is completely intelligent. Thanks to tecnologia MHCBSthe FLOOR ONE S6 guarantees a balanced flow of clean water and the recycling of dirty water, while the roller That rotates at 450 rpmsupported by a scraper next to it, ensures cleaning without water or dirt residues.

Also, one 3.6 inch color LCD screen provides detailed guidance in the daily use of the device, communicating the cleaning status in real time and reporting any errors.

The exceptional performance of the new Tineco FLOOR ONE S6 they allow to clean without interruptions until 230 square meters. This innovative floor cleaner delivers 35 minutes of battery life and the iLoop sensor helps identify areas that need cleaning.

Also, thanks to Ultra modeil FLOOR ONE S6 electrolyzes water of the tap, allowing a effective cleaning without the need for harsh detergents. This lightweight devicecon only 4.5 kg in weightoffers a remarkable cleaning capacity even for corners, skirting boards and hard-to-reach areas.

Not to be overlooked, the brushes of the new FLOOR ONE S6 are easily and quickly cleanable, eliminating both the hassle of a tedious cleaning phase and the risk of mold forming inside the device.

Il FLOOR ONE S6 it is now available in Italy on Amazon at recommended price of 599 euros.

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