Modi: Johnny Depp chooses Luisa Ranieri

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Johnny Depp casts Italian actress Luisa Ranieri in biopic Modi; based on the story by Amedeo Modigliani. Under the direction of the well-known Hollywood actor, it will star Riccardo Scamarcio, together with Al Pacino and Pierre Niney

The wait for it is growing more and morelatest direct project by the Hollywood actor Johnny Depp. Leaving behind him the legal events that sadly saw him as a protagonist; the well-known actor decided to try your hand behind the camera with the biopic on the painter Amedeo Modigliani, entitled Modi.

But what caught the attention of the expert eye was the chosen for the main female role: the renowned Italian actress Luisa Ranieri. You recently appeared in the hugely successful film The Hand of God directed by Paolo Sorrentino; Luisa Ranieri joins the already confirmed names of Riccardo Scamarcio (playing the role of Amedeo Modigliani) together with the actor Al Pacino e Pierre Niney.

Modi: Johnny Depp chooses Luisa Ranieri

Modi: Johnny Depp’s return to directing

After a 25-year break since his debut behind the camera (which took place in 1997 with The Brave); Johnny Depp has chosen to return to directing, with a committed project of great artistic value; that is, a biography on the renowned Italian artist Amedeo Modigliani. Titled Modiwill see the Italian actor as the protagonist Riccardo Scamarcioflanked by the aforementioned Italian actress Luisa Ranieri as Rosalie. Luisa Ranieri, beloved by the general Italian public, was welcomed with great warmth, also receiving great wishes from Andrea Iervolino, CEO of the Ilbe group:

I am thrilled to announce that Luisa Ranieri has been added to the cast of our new film about Modigliani, one of the most talented actresses that Italy can boast and who will certainly be successful on an international level

Based on a play by Dennis McIntyre and adapted for the big screen thanks to Jerzy e Mary Kromolowski; tells the story of the famous painter and sculptor Modigliani during his stay in Paris in 1916. Defined as the most turbulent and eventful 48 hours; the well-known artist is on the run from the police through the streets and bars of war-torn Paris. However, it will be the meeting with the international art collector Gangnat that will change his life.

According to some popular photos on the web, the filming is currently underway in the city of Budapest.

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