To celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee comes the Defender 130

La speciale Defender 130 celebra il “Queen's Platinum Jubilee” thumbnail

The Defender 130 specially converted, donated to British Red Cross. In commemoration of Platinum Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II, will enter active service in North Wales. This unique vehicle will be instrumental in helping the charity.

Supporting communities in hard-to-reach areas such as the Snowdonia mountain range, the Lleyn Peninsula and the Isle of Anglesey.

Tribute to Queen Elizabeth II

In collaboration with the British Red Crossof which the Queen Elizabeth II was Patroness for 70 years. The Defender 130 adapted, in line with the principles Modern Luxury Jaguar Land Rover, to include more advanced communication features.

With the Wales classified penultimate in Kingdom United for data coverage 4G in rural areas. the Defender’s ability to stay connected will be essential along the coast, mountainous terrain and remote locations of the region.

The special Defender 130 celebrates the “Queen’s Platinum Jubilee”, press office source

The vehicle is equipped with a 4G antenna to provide a strong signal in any position, integrated telephone, VHF radio for communications and an updated telematics system with GPS tracking.

Defender 130, the solar roof charges the auxiliary battery

A system for solar energy on the roof will load one drums auxiliary to power the accessories. When the engine is not running, so the vehicle can stay plugged in longer.

Valuable additional cargo space has been created by removing the third row of seats in the Defender 130. A drawer system will allow teams to carry equipment.

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Such as blankets, food and first aid supplies. Which means the vehicle will be well equipped to respond to a range of emergencies such as storms, floods, fires and freezing conditions.

The changes also include i antibacterial seat covers and rechargeable torches with charging points

For added convenience, while the integrated kettle will allow the British Red Cross to provide hot drinks in times of crisis.

Laura WoodJaguar Land Rover’s Brand Partnerships, Experience and Collections, said: “For almost 70 years we have collaborated with British Red Crosscontinually looking for ways to grow and support their work with our vehicles and technologies.

Together, we continue to reach people in remote and rural communities across the country. This new Defender 130 is particularly important and will support those most in need in North Wales. It is also a touching way to celebrate Her Majesty’s 70 years of patronage and dedication to the work of the British Red Cross.”

The special Defender 130 celebrates the “Queen's Platinum Jubilee”, press office sourceThe special Defender 130 celebrates the “Queen’s Platinum Jubilee”, press office source

Chris DaviesBritish Red Cross’ crisis and emergency response manager, said: “For nearly seventy years, British Red Cross volunteers have been responding to emergencies with Land Rovers.

From fires and floods to storms and power outages, our partnership with Defender has helped us be there for people in crisis. This generous donation will have a huge impact on our relief workers in North Wales, ensuring we can continue to support people wherever they are and whatever the weather“.

Before starting work in North Wales, the vehicle will be on display at the Royal Windsor Horse Show (11-14 May), where Queen Elizabeth II was a regular attendance. Visitors will be able to see the Defender 130 and learn more about the long-standing partnership between Jaguar Land Rover and British Red Cross.