Triumph Motorcycles Italia: 4 year warranty for the new Tiger 1200

Triumph Motorcycles Italia: 4 anni di garanzia per la nuova gamma Tiger 1200 thumbnail

Triumph Motorcycles Italia has announced that, on its debut in the Italian market, scheduled for March, all versions of the new range Tiger 1200 will be covered by an official warranty for a period of 4 years: twelve months more than the 3 years foreseen by the British manufacturer for the planetary markets. In addition to this, Triumph Motorcycles also provides a breakdown service for 4 years, with assistance for the vehicle and for the person.

Fausto Broglia, Service Manager of the Italian branch of Triumph Motorcycles, said: “Unlike what happens for other manufacturers, the guarantee we offer exclusively for the new Tiger 1200 range is not a 2 + 2 but an official ex-factory coverage for a total duration of 48 months, with no mileage limit. This is an initiative that is consistent with the great attention we place on seeking the utmost satisfaction of our customers as part of the Total Care program. Those who choose a Triumph motorcycle do so not only because they are conquered by the style, performance and high quality perceived by the finishes and the care taken in every single detail, but also by the high level of intrinsic reliability of our products. Particularly when it comes to models designed for long journeys and heavy use. “

But that is not all. Yes, because in addition to the official 4-year guaranteeas for the rest of the range, Triumph Motorcycles makes available to customers who choose the new flagship of the Adventure s familyboth the Just Ride warranty extension (optional, to extend the coverage for an additional 12 months) and the Take Care maintenance program: consisting of 3 different packages, scalable according to the customer’s driving habits (Urban; Traveller; Globetrotter).

Unique in terms of extension and technical peculiarities, the new Tiger 1200 range is made up of 5 versions, each characterized by equipment in line with the differentiated needs and expectations of adventure motorcyclists: Tiger 1200 GT, Tiger 1200 GT Pro and Tiger 1200 GT Explorer are equipped with a 19 ”front spoke wheel and have a tourist-road vocation, while Tiger 1200 Rally Pro and Tiger 1200 Rally Explorer, thanks to the chassis with increased excursion and front with 21 “tangential spokes they denote a marked competence in offroad use.