Toyota Hilux GR Sport from Dakar to European roads

Toyota Hilux GR Sport, dalla Dakar alle strade d'Europa thumbnail

Toyota Hilux is one of the legends of the Dakar Rally having also been the winner of the toughest motoring event in the world. The success of the team TOYOTA GAZOO Racing in the competition it inspired the creation of the Hilux GR Sport, the new top “and sportier” version of this model.

Hilux GR Sport has been designed to attract the attention of customers with an active lifestyle, offering a perfect car for their off-road outings. Toyota uses specially designed suspension elements in this version, which contribute to an even better driving experience, a feeling of greater control, responsiveness of the car and better handling. The exterior and interior elements of the Hilux GR Sport give the pickup a special character.

A key change to the suspension system is the introduction of single-tube shock absorbers at the front and rear and modified springs. The single tube design offers more space for the piston, resulting in better damping, faster responses and better heat dissipation. It also allows you to maintain the optimum properties of the oil while driving in difficult conditions.

The front coil springs have been stiffened and, together with the new shock absorbers, are painted red to emphasize the unique character of the Hilux GR Sport. The pickup also features new features introduced with the new Hilux, including redesigned leaf springs and new bushings.. As a result, the car aims to be more reliable in the most demanding situations.

Toyota Hilux GR Sport, the best of the “normal” version seasoned with aesthetic novelties

Compared to the standard Hilux, the GR Sport version has improved driving characteristics, including steering strength and response, and more satisfying straight-line performance.

The GR Sport version is powered from a powerful 2.8-liter engine, available from 2020. This produces 204 hp (150 kW) and 500 Nm of maximum torque. The power unit is linked to a six-speed automatic transmission. The car is only available in the double cab version. The GR Sport version maintains the Hilux’s above-average load capacity, which is among the best in its class. The Hilux GR Sport can therefore also tow a trailer with a weight of 3.5 tons and has a total load capacity of one ton.

Unique design elements on the outside and inside of the cabin underline the special character of the GR Sport version. The black front grille is in the shape of a “G” and the word TOYOTA replaces the brand emblem. It is a reference to the legacy of this model and of the classic fourth generation Hilux proposed in the early 1980s. The bold style of the front is emphasized by the new widened bezels of the fog lights. The 17-inch alloy wheels have a contrasting black finish and are paired with off-road tires. The black pattern is also present on the mirrors, side steps, fenders, above the trunk and on the tailgate handle. The bright red covers, shock absorbers and springs are clearly highlighted.

Toyota Hilux GR Sport

The front cabin has new sports seats in black leather and synthetic suede, and the whole is complemented by red stitching. The GR Sport logos are placed on the seats, on the floor mats, on the Start button, as well as in the form of a graphic animation on the display. The gearshift levers and sports pedals are made of aluminum. Carbon fiber inserts add a unique character, as well as the red decorative strip on the interior or the blue illumination of the door panel.

The equipment is based on the specifications of the top version of the Hilux and includes LED lights, keyless entry, start button, dual zone climate control, Hill Descent Assist (DAC) and a limited slip differential.

The new Hilux GR Sport will arrive in European dealerships in the fall of 2022.