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Tozo Golden X1 review: Convincing Hi-Res earphones

In this review we talk about the Tozo Golden X1, LDAC and Hi-Res Audio Wireless earphones that have convinced for design and performance

As the wireless earphone landscape constantly evolves, the i Tozo Golden X1 emerge as an attractive potential option. Designed to offer a combination of sound performance quality and elegant design, these earphones promise an immersive sound experience and comfortable cordless convenience. In our review process, we will closely explore the key features of the Tozo Golden X1s, evaluating both their sonic performance and overall ergonomics, in order to determine if they truly shine in the basin competitive of wireless earphones.

Packaging and unboxing | Tozo Golden X1 Review

The experience begins with packaging that sets itself apart from most competitors by featuring a creative design. Once opened, you find the earphones themselves, their case, a cable USB-C and a total of six silicone pads, available in different sizes from XS to XXL. This rich variety of ear tips ensures a custom fit for practically any shape e ear size, demonstrating attention to detail. The care and attention placed in the aesthetic aspect of the package and in the variety of accessories included promise an experience Of unboxing positiva and anticipate the quality to be found inside.

Technical features

  • Type of Earphones: In-ear True Wireless
  • Codec audio: LDAC / AAC / SBC
  • Noise cancellation during calls: Triple microphone with ENC call noise reduction
  • Battery Capacity: 55mAh (earphones) / 500mAh (charging case)
  • Maximum noise cancellation: 5 hours (single charge)
  • Noise canceling off: 8 hours (single charge)
  • Charging time by cable: 2 hours (earbuds) / 2 hours (charging case)
  • Charging port: USB Type-C
  • Versione Bluetooth: BT 5.3
  • Certification: IPX6

Tozo Golden X1 review: Convincing Hi-Res earphones

Design and first impressions | Tozo Golden X1 Review

With a design in-ear standard enriched with silicone tips and a handy case, i Tozo Golden X1 offer a mix of practicality e stile. Their plastic construction boasts a matte finish, accented with gold detailing that includes the Tozo logo, charging pins, and speaker grille. The individual earbuds weigh slightly 5 grams each, while the elegant charging case weighs in at 43 grams.

The charging case opens showing a status LED bar with battery indicators for the case and each earbud, along with a pairing button. A second colored LED indicates the battery of the case when opened, while a USB-C port on the back allows charging. The opening mechanism of the case lid is enough solid, although it may loosen a little after a few weeks of use. However, there is no danger that it will open by itself as the magnets that hold it closed are from good quality.

The mating process takes place through Bluetooth 5.3 and offers codec support AAC, SBC e LDAC. Also, you can customize the audio equalizer via l’app Tozo available for devices Android e iOS, thus allowing users to optimize the sound experience according to their preferences. The attention to detail and the choice to offer high-level audio performance consolidate the position of the Tozo Golden X1 as an attractive proposition for passionate Of musica and quality audio.

Dedicated application and Active Noise Cancelling

The application developed by Tozo’s Acoustic Labs proves to be an added value. With well 16 preset EQincluding variable bass and treble modes and genre-specific options, the app offers extensive customization to adapt to user preferences. In addition to the preset modes, it is possible adjust manually equalizer to your preference and save your own custom preset.

But the features don’t stop there: the Golden X1s are also equipped with active noise cancellation (ANC), which promises to isolate up to 42dB of surrounding noise. In addition to EQ customization, they are available 6 noise reduction modes with different cancellation strengths, ranging from transparency mode and wind noise reduction, to a custom pattern mode that allows you to adjust the intensity of noise reduction to your liking. In addition, the earphones include a deletion function ambient noise during calls, assuring an experience Of clear call and sharp even in noisy environments. The result is brilliant, I took them with me on trips to Roma for work and isolation on the plane it is really comfortable and pleasant. Even listening to music, despite the ANC does not undermine the device which continues to reproduce music tracks really well.

Autonomy and… How do you feel? | Tozo Golden X1 Review

The Tozo Golden X1s deliver an immersive listening experience, thanks to their hybrid configuration of the driver which offers a balanced answer bass from the dynamic driver unit and precise clarity in the high range from the well-designed drivers. The bass range is well calibrated without overwhelming the other frequencies. Vocals are clearly defined in the midrange, instruments are reproduced with fidelity, and highs have a deep texture, maintaining a consistent frequency response. This translates into a pleasant listening experience right from the start, which it stands out considerably compared to other earphones in the same price range.

The touch controls are also particularly appreciated which, barring some rare mis-clicks, behave well and are quite precise. Speaking instead of autonomy, in our tests we have achieved 7 hours of use with ANC off and up to four full charges with the case. The usage of ANC and streaming via LDAC have brought the autonomy of the earphones to 4 ore. A full charge of earphones and case via USB-C requires 2 ore.

Conclusions and price | Tozo Golden X1 Review

The price at which these earphones are sold may seem high, however it is really well contextualized in the product. The earphones they feel good, the ANC works fine and the supported codecs are also up-to-date and trending. There are some shortcomings, such as the absence of in-ear sensors, or the case material which is of a plastic that is not beautiful to the touch. But they are all shortcomings that they do not affect the user experience of a product That really convinced us.

What do you think about this product? Let us know with a comment below and continue reading techgameworld.com to stay updated on the latest news and more.


Plus points

  • Dedicated application
  • Apt design
  • Convincing ANC
  • Sound rendering
  • Supported codecs

Points against

  • Case lining
  • Unsurpassed autonomy
  • No in-ear sensors
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