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LG launches the world’s first wireless OLED TV

The company announces the global arrival of the first 97-inch OLED TV with Zero Connec technology

LG Electronics (LG) announces the arrival of the world’s first wireless OLED TV: LG SIGNATURE OLED M (model 97M3)the majestic 97-inch OLED TV with Zero Connect box available today in South Korea and che will arrive later this year too in other key markets including Europe and North America.

LG launches the world's first wireless OLED TV

LG SIGNATURE OLED M: il primo TV OLED wireless

With LG SIGNATURE OLED M, LG reaffirms its leadership in the premium TV segment: an achievement achieved thanks to the solid technical and design knowledge developed during 10 years of innovations focused on OLED technology.

Its 97-inch OLED screen – the largest on the market with its approximately 245 cm diagonal – and the Zero Connect box represent the world’s first wireless solution capable of transmitting real-time video and audio in 4K at 120Hz.

Il box Zero Connect and the heart of the new solution created by LG. It is a separate device which sends to screen i video and audio signals in totally mode wireless.

The user can place it up to 10 meters away from the screen, to enjoy an immersive viewing experience while keeping the environment perfectly tidy. The LG SIGNATURE OLED M screen then c appearsCompletely cable-freeexcept for the power supply.

The wireless installation has been designed for those who want to connect devices and peripherals, such as game consoles and set-top boxes, but also digital terrestrial or satellite cables to the television, avoiding the formation of skeins of cables that get knotted behind to the screen.

In fact, the Zero Connect box accommodates all the typical connections of a TV, such as the HDMI 2.1, USB and LAN ports, as well as the RF and Bluetooth connections, simplifying the connection of the various devices or peripherals and making this product a milestone to all intents and purposes. in the evolution of TVs.

To ensure smooth transmission of images and sound, LG has developed a proprietary technology capable of sending large amounts of data up to 3 times faster than the current Wi-Fi 6E standard.

Features that allow the Zero Connect box to also support signals such as Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos. In addition, the box identifies the optimal signal transmission path and has a built-in antenna that can be adjusted according to the position of the screen.

Deprived of all the cumbersome electronics of common TVs, the screen of LG SIGNATURE OLED M offers an even more essential, modern and elegant design. A solution called Gallery Design which, thanks to the zero-gap bracket, allows you to place the TV snugly against the wall ensuring a clean and refined installation.

The stunning new 97-inch TV will be joining soon from new models with cuts of 83 and 77 inches with the same unique features offered by the OLED screen and Zero Connect technology.

“97M3’s performance is the result of LG’s ten-year commitment as a pioneer of the entertainment market, always attentive to people’s needs and the evolution of their lifestyles”, said Baik Seon-pill, leader of the Development division Products of LG Home Entertainment Company. “In addition to offering a world-class viewing experience on an ultra-large screen, our first-of-its-kind wireless LG SIGNATURE OLED M gives you the ability to experience more freedom within your home.”

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