TROUVER POWER 12: cordless vacuum cleaner on sale!

Today we talk about TROUVER POWER 12, a cordless vacuum cleaner developed within the Youpin ecosystem. A valid help in house cleaning in complete freedom! Here are all the details of this interesting product

TROUVER, a leading company in the Xiaomi eco-chain, is a technological brand with a global perspective. His research and development team consists of over 300 people, including experts from the original Shenzhou 6 project team, which pays particular attention to technological research to improve everyday life. TROUVER holds 314 patents in key areas such as high-speed motors, artificial intelligence algorithms, hydrodynamics, noise reduction, etc. TROUVER’s goal is to develop technological products that are oriented to an audience of young and dynamic users based on powerful core technologies, industrial design, crossover between art and fashion. Precisely in this scenario fits TROUVER POWER 12, a very powerful and compact cordless vacuum cleaner, the result of TROUVER’s work on Yuopin. Let’s go and find out more!

TROUVER POWER 12: cordless vacuum cleaner on sale!

TROUVER POWER 12: wireless vacuum cleaner in promotion!

The TROUVER POWER 12 cordless vacuum cleaner uses a powerful motor that can spin fino a 125.000 rpm and develop a suction power of 150 AW. The battery allows you to use it without the need for connection to the mains for about 60 minutes, more than enough to clean a large room. The filter system allows you to eliminate 99.88% of dust and to introduce cleaner and purer air into the room. The vacuum cleaner is dated with a comfortable color LED display where the main information such as the remaining charge is displayed for better ergonomics. In addition, the body of TROUVER POWER 12 it weighs only 1.45 kg and therefore it can be comfortably used with one hand and is articulated to better adapt to corners and edges.

TROUVER POWER 12 will arrive equipped with 3 professional accessories to better adapt to different cleaning scenarios, from floors to fabrics. It can be used in the living room for example for clean furniture and surfaces, reaching comfortably even in the interstices under the tables or between the sofas. In the bedroom it allows you to clean the carpet, but also sheets and beds. Going under and over the bed is no longer a problem! Thanks to the high suction power and the small footprint that gives it manageability, the TROUVER POWER 12 cordless electric broom can be used to clean confined spaces such as the interior of our cars which have areas that are very difficult to reach such as the space between the seats.

TROUVER POWER 12: cordless vacuum cleaner on sale!

The promotion

The expected retail price for the TROUVER POWER 12 would be $ 199.99. However from the 15th to the 31st of August an interesting offer is active on Aliexpress which, thanks to the coupon ”POWER12VAC43 ″, will allow you to lower the price to $ 189.99. However, you will have to hurry up because the coupons are available in limited numbers! That’s all from the electronic section, keep following us!

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