TROUVER POWER 12 review: a lightweight vacuum cleaner with an excellent design

In this article we will see the review of the TROUVER POWER 12. This vacuum cleaner is one of the most beautiful that we have been able to review but will it be equally valid in its daily use? Let’s find out together

In the modern world it is no longer enough to provide a good product, aesthetics want their slice of stardom and the TROUVER staff know this well. As we will see during the review we are in front of a very particular product. Not a simple vacuum cleaner but a design object, with extraordinary handling and a powerful motor. Will it also have some flaws? Unfortunately, yes, but let’s go step by step.

Packaging and design | TROUVER POWER 12 review

The packaging is rather nondescript but the content is rather surprising. Lots of accessories and everything we need to be able to vacuum every corner of the house.

The materials chosen are good. The plastics such as the motor and the battery are quite resistant but at the same time light.

Inside the package we find the motor with attached tank and equipped with a filter, a large brush for all surfaces, a smaller one for sofas and armchairs and a spout for the most hidden corners. We also find a bracket to hang the TROUVER POWER 12 on the wall which will also act as a charging station including screws and plugs for fixing.

Obviously the convenience of being able to literally hang and recharge the object is irreplaceable but if you want you can also decide to use the charging transformer in a completely stand-alone way. To you the choice!

As for the design, even in this case we are faced with a painstaking work. The satin gray color and the beautiful choices of lines make it a piece of furniture that will not force you to hide your TROUVER POWER 12 in some corner of the house.

The motor body is also practical and versatile. Overall, the slim and long lines make it practical and versatile. In fact, a single hand will be enough to be able to use it without problems. Whether the use is to vacuum a floor, a carpet or a cobweb placed in a corner of the ceiling nothing will change. Each cleaning maneuver can be carried out effortlessly.

Usage and performance | TROUVER POWER 12 review

We have been testing the TROUVER POWER 12 for about a month and now we can tell you how it performs. The suction power is quite sufficient to suck up dust and small dirt that can form around the house. The convenient display will also indicate the battery charge level and will help you set the power.

Unfortunately, some small flaws are not missing but before delving into everything let’s take a look at its technical data sheet:

  • Battery: 2.500 mAh
  • Motor: Find AERO 5.0
  • Weight: 1,45 kg
  • Capacity reservoir: 0.4 L
  • Maximum suction power: 23,000 Pa

In short, we are faced with a vacuum cleaner capable of eliminating 99.88% of dust and introducing clean and purer air into the room. In addition, thanks to the smaller brushes you can use this vacuum cleaner also to give a glaze to the interior of your car.

A little while ago I talked about some small flaws and we found at least a couple of noteworthy ones. The first lies precisely in the aspiration phases. The entrance between the tank and the initial tube (the one where you go to connect the extension tube) has a bottleneck that it does not allow you to suck up material larger than a few crumbs.

To give a practical example, as always, we have scattered three types of “dirt” for the floor. The first test was carried out with coffee powder, the second with the classic house powder and the third with cereals (without naming the round ones with a bee drawn on the package).

For the first two tests nothing to complain even if there was a bit of effort on short-pile carpets, instead with the third test we noticed that half of the cereals were left on the floor once the suction power and the the other half was stuck at the entrance mentioned above.

In short, forget about vacuuming dirt as big as your pet’s kibble, but otherwise you won’t have any problems!

Regarding the second problem we encountered we noticed that if used at maximum power the battery tends to heat up a little too much. Being then practically in contact with the hand, the thing is unpleasant.

TROUVER POWER 12 review: a lightweight vacuum cleaner with an excellent design

Who should buy the TROUVER POWER 12?

In conclusion, we would like to recommend this vacuum cleaner to those who love design objects and who are looking for a comfortable and manageable vacuum cleaner. Obviously, as widely explained, it has some limits but you can’t have everything, especially when the cost is so low. In fact, this vacuum cleaner is currently discounted.

The expected sale price for TROUVER POWER 12 would be $ 199.99. However, from the 15th to the 31st of August an interesting offer is active on Aliexpress that, thanks to the coupon ”POWER12VAC43 ″, it will allow you to lower the price to $ 189.99. However, you will have to hurry because the coupons are available in limited numbers! youpinlab reserves all rights to interpret the above products. Visit for more information. That’s all from the electronic section, keep following us!

Points in favor

  • A fantastic design
  • Lightweight and functional
  • Great accessories

Points against

  • Almost exclusively suitable for powder
  • The battery may warm up a little
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