Twitch: the localization of the price of the subscriptions is coming

Twitch’s channel subscription system has never been properly adapted to country of origin: their price was often disproportionate in various locations, and it seems that Twitch is taking steps to solve this problem.

The price of a tier 1 subscription on Twitch has been for a long time $ 4.99, regardless of the user’s country of origin. This means that, based on the currency adopted by your country, the price was literally translated to the currency exchange. This solution brought various problems in many different places: considering the value of a country’s currency and the purchasing power of its inhabitants, it often happened that users had to pay a disproportionately high figure to be able to subscribe. However, it seems that Twitch has finally decided to solve this problem related to the price of subscriptions.

How to fix subscription pricing on Twitch

Twitch has decided to address the issue setting different prices according to individual countries. According to the official statement on the Twitch blog:

On May 20, 2021, it will be the turn of Mexico and Turkey, countries where authors and spectators who have long been passionate supporters of this change live. Mexico and Turkey will be followed, starting from the third quarter of 2021, by most of the countries of Asia, Latin America, the Middle East, Africa and Europe

In this new system, the price of Twitch tier one subscriptions will be respectively 48 pesos for Mexico and 9.90 Turkish lira for Turkey. The reason it was decided to solve this problem is the huge numerical discrepancy that exists between subscriptions in the US compared to all other countries: the responsibility has been attributed, at least in part, to their disproportionate cost in various locations .

Twitch: the localization of the price of the subscriptions is coming

This provision is great for those who want to subscribe, but for streamers? From this point of view Twitch has decided to anticipate possible controversy by streamers who could see affected their earnings:

If necessary, Twitch will cover up to 100% of the benchmark revenue on channel and Prime memberships for three calendar months, including the month in which the change takes effect. After that, we will gradually decrease the incentive payment by 25% every three months, for the next 9 months. Thus the revenue compensation incentives will be paid out for a total of 12 months.

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