Twitch will provide some additional ban information to streamers

Twitch fornirà alcune informazioni aggiuntive sul ban agli streamer thumbnail

Twitch announced a number of changes related to the procedure that leads to the ban of streamers and related communications that the service sends. According to what has been revealed by Twitch Support, in fact, users who receive a ban will be able to count on a communication containing some more details. In particular, the date of the violation will be indicatedand which caused the ban. The communication will also include the name of the live which caused Twitch to act.

Twitch will provide some more details to streamers who will receive a ban

The users banned from Twitch will receive a communication with some more details regarding the violation that caused the measure. The service confirmed that the date of the violation and the name of the video that led to the ban will be included in this communication.

Twitch will continue not to clarify in detail the reasons that led to the ban. Thanks to this novelty, the banned streamers will be able to obtain some more information in order to trace, independently, the actual cause of the ban.

This change comes into effect immediately with the aim of making the provision leading to the ban more transparent. For streamers, however, the problems associated with the precise identification of the violation remain. With a live that can last several hours, in fact, it will not be easy to understand what was the actual cause of the ban. We’ll see if Twitch takes further steps to offer more information to its users.

The official communication

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