Bleach returns? The new story arc today on Jump

Tite Kubo brings Bleach back to Shonen Jump with a one-shot, after five years of absence, and calls it “New breathes from hell”. With the premises for a new story arc, fans around the world are holding their breath

The day that fans of Bleach awaited finally arrived. Tite Kubo opens a glimmer of a new dawn for his most successful work, publishing an unreleased one-shot on Shonen Jump. Thanks to MangaPlus, readers around the world were able to get their hands on it right away.

It seems incredible, after five years from the official conclusion of the manga, to be able to review Ichigo, Rukia and the others. All are present, in the unpublished chapter of almost eighty pages, as well as the children, the new generation of shinigami, who will now have to face an unprecedented danger. Obviously, they are about to arrive SPOILER del one-shot.

On the occasion of the captain’s funeral Ukitake, the shinigami are attacked by a new type of Hollow, particularly powerful. Worse still, the eighth Espada Szayelaporro Granz reappears, also in a stronger guise. It seems that beings endowed with a reiatsu beyond a certain level, at their death end up in Hell, a separate plan that should contain them.

Now the Hellmouth has opened, and in addition to the Espada, the Soul Society captains who have passed away may be returning. Among them not only Ukitake, but also Unohana it’s the same Yamamoto. It could be the toughest battle shinigami, old and new, have ever faced.

Bleach returns?  The new story arc today on Jump

Will Bleach continue after this one-shot?

The one-shot ends with the words “Howl from the jaws of hell arc“, Assuming the beginning of an unpublished narrative arc. However, the final word stands at the bottom of the page, and there are no dates that could suggest the return of the main work.

For Bleach it is an important historical moment: in fact, as we know, it has been resumed l’anime, which this fall will return with the final saga, finally concluding the animated series. For the occasion, Prime Video is re-proposing the anime from the beginning, with a good renewed dubbing. The public interest in the title, therefore, is skyrocketing.

We don’t know what Tite Kubo’s intentions are. We know that he is currently working on another manga, Burn the Witch, a miniseries that he proposed on Jump last year. However, since this is a manga serialized apparently in a “seasonal” way, it could possibly leave the Sensei free to eventually resume Bleach.

It is clear that this is what the public wants, and the enthusiasm created around this one-shot confirms it. Now, we can only look forward to new news.