Twitter chooses project leader to decentralize social networks

Twitter sceglie il leader del progetto per decentralizzare i social network thumbnail

Jack Dorsey, CEO di Twitter, continues to carry out his project of decentralization of social networks. To carry out this project, still in many ways “nebulous” as Bloomberg defined it, Dorsey has registered a new step forward. Bluesky, an open source project announced in 2019 with the aim of creating a decentralized standard for social media, will now be led by Jay Graber, founder of startup Happening Inc. and cryptovaute expert.

Bluesky punta a decentralizzare i social network

The project of decentralization of social networks aims to change the world of social media as we know it today. Posts on Twitter, Facebook and Reddit, for example, could be integrated into features and services created by developers and companies not directly connected to the social networks themselves.

To achieve these goals, however, current social networks should accept a shared protocol. Thanks to the decentralization of social networks, for example, the millions of tweets created every day can be viewed, as well as with the Twitter app, also through interfaces and applications created by third-party developers.

Doubts about moderation

According to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, such a system would allow improve the “online public conversation”. The posts, in fact, would no longer be tied to the network on which they are shared. However, the decentralization of social networks would have a huge impact on moderation. A post that violates Twitter’s rules, for example, could be accepted and continue to be visible on another service that uses the same common and decentralized protocol as Twitter itself.

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