Epic Games Store: Radiohead among the new free games next week

Epic Games Store will update next week with other new free games: let’s see what they will be

Also this Thursday, like every week, Epic Games Store offers free access some selected titles, which players who are members of the exclusive store will be able to redeem within a given time limit without having to spend a penny. In addition, some still free titles presented in the last week are redeemable until next Thursday, so we advise you to take a look at our article made for the occasion. Going further into November, the new free games from the Epic Games Store begin to look more in line with the winter atmosphere, without however excluding space for more colorful and recently released titles.

The new free games from Epic Games Store

While among the new free games colony-builder Aven Colony will abandon the free Epic Games Store initiative today, the announced Rogue Company Season 4 Epic Pack will become available, to the delight of all Rogue Company players. Instead, as far as future additions are concerned, here is an exhaustive list of the innovations that will be introduced:

  • Guild of Dungeoneering – you can try this turn-based dungeon crawler with a particular feature: our task will not be to guide heroes inside the dungeons, but to build them ourselves using cards, so that the characters try to cross them. As you place cards with rooms full of monsters, traps, and rewards, they will decide which path to take.
  • Never Alone – a platformer who brings discovering the Iñupiat, native population of Alaska. The protagonists are Nuna and Fox, while they are in search of the cause that is unleashing an eternal storm and that threatens their existence.

In addition to these two titles, two recent innovations will also be added:

  • Kid A Mnesia Exhibition – presented during the PlayStation Showcase in September, it is a curious interactive work, Radiohead-themed, to celebrate the anniversary of the albums Kid A and Amnesiac containing designs by Thom Yorke and Stanley Donwood. This will also be accessible from 18 to 25 November.
  • Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep: A Unique Adventure in Wonderlands – from 11 to 18 November an extravagant title will be available in every sense, especially as regards the protagonist. This is a standalone version of a Borderlands 2 DLC, in which Vault Hunters originally end up transported to a world inspired by Dungeons & Dragons, with Tina as the dungeon master (bunker master).

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