Uber: the need for alternative means of transport to the private car is growing

Uber: cresce la necessità di mezzi di trasporto alternativi all'auto privata thumbnail

Uber carried out the research “Italians and urban mobility“. This survey took into consideration the habits and customs of various generations of Italians starting from the oldest Baby Boomers (born between 1946 and 1964) up to the very young of Generation Z (1995 – 2012). In particular, the use of cars and other alternative means of transport was analyzed to carry out various activities, from work to study passing through leisure time.

The results of the new Uber research “Italians and urban mobility”

Uber’s new investigation highlighted several affected aspects. In Italian cities, in fact, the car still remains the primary means of transportation. Among young people, however, the use of cars decreases while the use of alternative means of transport is growing, starting from metro and buses and up to taxis and NCCs, bicycles and scooters. TO curb use of the private car among the Italians are the limitations to urban mobility and the parking difficulties, linked to the reduced number of parking spaces.

It should be noted that over 90% of respondents have a driving license between the Baby Boomer, Generation X (1965 – 1981) and Millennial (1982 – 1994) generations. This percentage drops to 63.8% among Gen Z but all young people have confirmed their intention to get a driver’s license.

Note that Millennials and Gen Z use the car at a reduced frequency. Only 25% of Gen Z and 17.6% of Millennials use their car every day or very often. This percentage exceeds 30% between Baby Boomers and Gen X. It should be noted that Millennials turn out to be the greenest by using the car 2 or 3 times a month for 25% of the interviewees.

The private car remains the preferred means of transport with an average of 50% of preferences. This is followed by taxis and NCC (car with driver) for Baby Boomers (40%), the metro and buses for both Gen X (about 30%), Millennials (50%) and Gen Z (about 40%). ). The choice not to take a private car is linked to the difficulty of finding a parking space. This factor is indicated by an average of 55% of users with percentages exceeding 70% between Millennials and GenZ. Saving time and the limitations on circulation in city centers are also factors to consider when choosing not to use the car.

Uber’s comment

Lorenzo Pireddu, Uber Head of Italy, declares: “The data of our research show that the private car has less and less appeal towards the younger generations, while remaining a means of transport rooted in our culture, also often due to the lack of efficient alternatives for mobility. in many Italian cities ”

Pireddu underlines Uber’s role in simplifying the transport systems of Italian users: “Like Uber, we try to offer different transport options aimed at the integration and extension of public transport networks, fundamental elements for the future of smart mobility in the our country.”

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