Ubisoft and the post launch plan for Far Cry 6: here are the expected DLCs

Ubisoft e il piano post lancio per Far Cry 6: ecco i DLC previsti thumbnail

Ubisoft has unveiled the road map of the post – launch support of the highly anticipated Far Cry 6, which will be really rich in DLC. The title has already generated great hype, with hordes of fans who want to once again savor the free experience of Far Cry and discover the villain played by Giancarlo Esposito.

The American actor of Italian origin has become famous to the general public thanks to the success of the TV series related to Breaking Bad, and promises to stage a charismatic villain with a coherent and distorted moral vision of the world.

Far Cry 6 will be released on October 7, 2021, but the game support will be quality and lasting even after the release. Through the Season Pss, you can play the role of the main villains of the series (Vase Montenegro, Pagan Min e Joseph Seed) in a new simite modality to the roguelite genre.

Far Cry 6 DLC List

The Season Pass can be purchased at a price of 39.99 euros separately from the game, but remember that it is included in the Gold, Ultimate and Collector versions of the title. Here are the expected contents, with the respective expected release dates:

  • Vaas: Insanity, scheduled for November 2021. It is playable both in single and cooperative.
  • Pagan: Control, scheduled for January 2022. It is playable in both single and cooperative.
  • Joseph Collapse, scheduled for March 2022. It is playable in both single and cooperative.
  • The Blood Dragon Set: These are seven items that can be used directly in Far Cry 6, which include weapons, cosmetics and vehicles.

The title too Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon, released in 2013, will be delivered to users on PC, Stadia and Console. Both single and cooperative playable content will be released for free, such as:

  • Weekly riots: Available after finishing the main campaign, and will be present every week since launch.
  • 6 Special Operations: terribly unstable chemical weapons will have to be stolen from enemy arms traffickers. The initial maps will be 2, but 4 more will be added.
  • 3 Missioni Cross – Over involving Danny Trejo, Rambo and Stranger Things.
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