Back to School on Disney +: a series of programs for the return to school

Here is Back to School on Disney +, titles dedicated to boys and girls who are about to return to school!

Whether you are a student, parent, teacher, or just daydream of going back to class, Disney + is the place for you. This week we highlighted Disney + titles that will fill your backpack with new notebooks, help you choose the coolest outfit for back to school, and ensure you are enrolled in all the best classes, no matter your age!

Back to School on Disney +: a series of programs for the return to school

Back to School con Disney+

In honor of the return of teachers, parents and students to the classroom, we’ve curated a list of school-themed Disney + titles. No matter your age, it’s time to hit the books, pass the tests, and start your first day at Disney + University.


Point of no return

The wreck of the Titanic

Empire of Dreams: The Story of the Star Wars Trilogy

Amelia Earhart, a life in flight

Great Migrations

Dr. Pol, an incredible life


Maya: hidden treasures

Miracle at Midnight

High altitude miracle

Origins: the odyssey of humanity

Ruby Bridges

Saving Mr. Banks

The last storm

The imagineering story

Alexander the Great: the mystery of the tomb

The tomb of Jesus: myths and mysteries

Back to School on Disney +: a series of programs for the return to school


In the folds of time

Aliens of the abyss

Apollo: Moon mission

What does your brain tell you?

Doctor Doogie

Flubber: a professor in the clouds


Guardians of the galaxy

Lab rats

SpaceX to conquer Mars

Mission Sun: the Parker probe

One strange Rock: pianeta Terra

Roving Mars

Science Fair

A professor in the clouds

The cat from outer space

Zenon: stellar girl

Zenon: the new adventure



Be our chef

The popcorn war

A reason to quarrel

The Whys of Forky: What is Cheese?

Gordon Ramsey: off the menu






Fantasia 2000

Frank and Ollie

The Pixar story

A day in Disney

Howard: life, words

Back to School on Disney +: a series of programs for the return to school


The Alley Cats bowling team

Best Friends Whenever

Cadet Kelly

Scout brother


Two twins and a balloon

High School Musical: The Musical: La serie


High School Musical

Let’s get a move on!

High School Musical 2

High School Musical 3: Senior Year

Wendy Wu: novice warrior

Lots of Back to School titles on Disney +! Which of these reflects your desire to go back to school? Which one will make you remember the good times of youth? Let us know yours!

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