Recensione Avengers: Endgame, Rescue Gallery Diorama

In this review we will analyze a statue from Avengers: Endgame, the Rescue Gallery Diorama by Diamond Select, which represents Pepper Potts in his armor

And after being in a “galaxy far, far away” with the Mandalorian as a statue, Diamond Select Toys is ready to revive the epic battle of Avengers: Endgame. With (almost) never-before-seen success, Marvel Studios’ crossover film is one of the pillars of modern Pop Culture.

The battle that saw dozens of Avengers face off against Thanos and his battalion has reached very high levels of epicity. Among the superheroes seen in this chapter we have already known and new-entry faces, just like Rescue. The metal armor hides Pepper Pots: Tony Stark’s girlfriend who, in view of the catastrophe, has reached the battle within his own Mark 49.

With a statue entirely dedicated to her, Diamond Select Toys kindly provided us with the “Rescue Gallery Diorama”From Avengers: Endgame and, we at, will analyze it in this review, bringing out the positive and negative sides!

The packaging

The packaging of this Gallery Diorama is characterized by colors that reflect the quantum suit worn by the heroes in the film. With a white background, the various facades are crossed by geometric patterns in shades of blue, red and a brighter blue.

The front side it houses a window that allows us to observe the statue, with the big logo of the film and the name of the character underneath. At the top we will find the name of the collection and a warning. The left and right sides are identical. Here too we find the plastic showcases and logos of both the film and the series. The retro instead it presents an image of the diorama with a description of the character in English.

From above we will be able to find yet another window from which it will be possible to extract the protective blister, but be careful! As happened with The Mandalorian’s Diorama, again this time the two sides of the guard were not wedged each other. In all honesty, we don’t know if this is a mistake or intentional. However, it remains very dangerous because the statue could easily slip. In case you decide to buy it, so, we recommend that you rest on a flat surface.

In addition to the diorama, the box will contain a small sheet covered with a plastic protection, which verifies the authenticity of the product.

Composition of the statue – Avengers: Endgame Review, Rescue Gallery Diorama

Again, we are faced with a diorama completely made of PVC. The very particular pose allows this statue to develop more in height. Despite being made in scala 1:7, in fact, starting from the base and arriving at its top, this reproduction of Rescue reaches i 27.5cm high! The depth, determined by the base, is of 16,5cm, while the length it’s about 12,8cm.

The aesthetic result of the product is fantastic. The work is mainly done by the pose in which the model was sculpted. Immortalized in landing position, Rescue controls the descent through the thrusters in the gloves and boots of his Mark 49. In fact, the two rays emerge from the latter and break on the base, creating the support that holds the statue.

Base it is also made of plastic and, being hollow and non-uniform, it is not very stable. This is perhaps the most critical point of the diorama. Placing it on a plane, we realized how everything is tends to wobble, revealing an unbalanced construction.

Speaking of the statue itself, the Pepper Pots miniature extends 23.5cm in height, 16.6cm wide and 11cm deep. Tony’s assistant is incorporated into his bluish armor, going from silver to gold-like tones. The more “scenographic” details are absolutely the rays coming from the extremities of the exoskeleton. Speaking of further nice details, on the back we also find the stabilizers open, in order to govern the landing with more precision.

The Sculpture – Avengers: Endgame Review, Rescue Gallery Diorama

The way the statue itself is sculpted determines one of the best sides of the diorama. Starting from the boots, up to the head, the whole armor has various grooves and dots. Some sections, such as the mechanism below the bent knee, the entire abdominal part, as well as the arms, surprised us. The stabilizer fins on the back even have a perforated part. The grooves on the helmet, then, make this representation very similar to that of the film.

Although at first glance, the various rays had struck us not a little, studying the diorama in detail we noticed several imperfections. The main one is that, in the sample sent to us, the supporting spokes both have air bubbles inside. In addition to this, one of the two blue ridges positioned on the rear side is detached from the light beam.

Both the rays coming from the hands and from the boots, in addition to the breaking effect on the ground, enjoy a good overall yield. As well as the base, which imitates a rocky section, which is well built, however inconspicuous due to the bland painting.

The painting – Avengers: Endgame Review, Rescue Gallery Diorama

The paint tones used to characterize Rescue are, in our opinion, not very faithful to the original. We are not talking about the blue that covers most of the armor, which is really consistent, but about the details. Although you see very little of the armor worn by Pepper in the film, and it is not clear which details are in silver and which in a gold finish, there are errors. Certainly, for example, the grooves on the chest of the “original” Rescue are in gold finish, while here they are exhibited in silver.

We might as well pass it on, however we didn’t like the too rich tone of gold which tends to resemble an “ocher”. This ends up distorting a fine and elegant armor, transforming it into a rougher version that is less attributable to that of the film.

In the various sections, the painting And quite accurate. Carini also i blue and white details used to emulate sections with lighting, like the ARC reactor present in the center of the chest. One of the parts that we liked the most, even on the painting side, are the stabilization fins. Here we find in fact the writing “RESCUE” on one side and the code of the armor on the other. The entire armor has no shades. The latter are instead present on the various flames, which start from a light blue and fade to white.

In addition to some burrs, the Achilles’ heel in this field is the basis. With a black background tone and some gray veins, the aesthetic result of the latter convinced us very little.

Let’s sum it up

The review of this Rescue Gallery Diorama from Avengers: Endgame and made by Diamond Select Toys ends here. As we have already stated, the statue features several points that made us turn up our noses, such as a suboptimal stability and a colouration with heavier tones than the original.

However, being one of the few collectible products featuring Rescue in the Mark 49, in case you are a fan of the MCU you could compromise. The general glance is present and, at a base price of 49,99$, we could think about it!

Nice, but with some uncertainty

Points in favor

  • Pose in which the truly scenic statue is made
  • Well sculpted Rescue model

Points against

  • Not so stable
  • Coloration not very faithful to the original
  • Not very precise construction
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