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Ubisoft opens the door to a possible acquisition

During the latest investor meeting, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot argued that the company could consider taking over.

In recent times, the videogame market has been characterized by an impressive amount of acquisitionswith Microsoft and Sony who have literally held the ground in this sense (and apparently have not finished yet), albeit with a decidedly different scope. To keep them company we also found giants of the caliber of EA, Take-Two Interactive and Tencent, albeit to a lesser extent. To make the noise, however, it was certainly the purchase by the Redmond house of Activision Blizzard, but also another of the most well-known publishers in the sector could soon be subject of an acquisitionat least according to the words of Yves Guillemot, CEO of Ubisoft.

Ubisoft could consider the acquisition hypothesis

Since the purchase of the house of Call of Duty e Diabloenthusiasts and industry experts have begun to wonder what else publisher third party he would follow the same path, with the name of Ubisoft which has repeatedly jumped to the headlines (and speculations). And fueling the flames of possibility thought the same Yves Guillemot, CEO of the company, who was questioned about this issue during the last shareholders’ meeting. And the answer given was decidedly clear, with Guillemot who confirmed that the publisher can safely continue to remain independent, but that any purchase proposals will not be discarded a priori by other large companies.

Ubisoft opens the door to a possible acquisition

These are the words of the CEO of Ubisoft in relation to the hypothesis of acquisition:

“We have always made every decision aiming at the interest of our interlocutors, be they employees, players or shareholders. Ubisoft can remain independent – we have the talent, the financial strength and a large portfolio of original IPs to do so. Having said that, should a possible acquisition offer be presented, the board of directors will take care to examine it carefully, always in the interest of the subjects listed above.

We have assets of great prestige, as well as an economic solidity capable of allowing us independence, so as to create an important value in the future, thanks also to our workforce, the design sector, technology, IPs and our community. These are the reasons that allow us to provide high quality content to a large number of platforms. Obviously, we will not speculate in the event of any potential purchase options for the company. “

It is worth mentioning how the purchase of Activision Blizzard from Microsoft has also been partly favored by the internal problems of the company that have emerged in recent times, and also Ubisoft it would seem to be in a partly similar situation, a factor that opens the door to a similar fate. Obviously only time will tell us how the issue will evolve, but we at will not fail to keep you updated on the subject, so we invite you to stay in our company.

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