Cielo e riflessi al top con Luminar AI  1.5 thumbnail

Luminar AI 1.5: from today sky and reflections perfect for everyone.

The latest update of Luminar AI transforms images with new atmospheres; the result is cinematic.

Skylum updates Luminar AI to version 1.5; the update also focuses on changing the sky and reflections, both on new formats and on compatibility with macOS and Windows. The new version manages to brilliantly adapt the brightness of the image: now the image itself changes hue and contrast to suit the type of sky.

sky and easy reflections with Luminar Ai 1.2

Easy sky changes and reflections thanks to AI

Editing our shots becomes easier and easier, thanks to the ever deeper integration of Artificial Intelligence. Luminar AI 1.5 manages to perform a complicated image analysis procedure, making the changes very natural as a result.

Artificial intelligence recognizes both the depth of the scene and the various types of materials on stage. The AI ​​is able to do an excellent job of separating the original sky. With a few clicks of which cursors the outline becomes perfect. From the latest versions it also greatly improves the management of the human figure

It’s great to be able to go and retrieve those images that, unfortunately for the time, are flat and soulless. Thanks to the great ease of replacing the sky, it is possible to transform them into images with great depth and vividness.

It is a plugin and a raw editor for special effects

Luminar AI 1.5 runs well both as a Photoshop / Lightroom plugin and as a standalone program. With the second modality we can appreciate it as valid raw development tools for creative and stylistic purposes.

Luminar AI, editor for skies and reflections

The interface is dark and essential, with intuitive sliders. We find all the tools necessary to successfully process our landscapes, including the colors and brightness of the human figures on stage.

Libraries for the skies

The program contains a good selection of skies suitable for everyone. From spring skies full of beautiful clouds to the Milky Way. Luminar Ai allows you to enrich your library with a series of additional packages. Each package has its own selling price.

In addition to the specific editor for the sky, already rich and complete, we find Cielo Ai. Allows the inclusion of objects in the background, from eagles to Mount Fuji. Also for this function we find a series of additional packages on the Skylum Marketplace. Alternatively we can prepare PNG images with transparency to be inserted into the scene.

Light To instruments
The tools with the acronym AI use the new Artificial Intelligence algorithms

Creative effects not only for sky and reflections

The strength of Luminar Ai 1.5 is certainly in the creative section, already seen for the section of the skies with reflections. The other sections complete the creation of styles and sensations.

Very interesting, also here for the use of artificial intelligence, the function for inserting the fog with Atmosphere; we can also add a layered fog that really respects the perspective of our image.

Definitely interesting is the possibility of applying LUTs through the Mood section, the Presets are many and require personal changes.

Luminar AI 1.2 sky r reflections in just a few clicks

Interventions on the human figure in relation to the sky and reflections

Beyond the creative section dedicated to skies and style, we find the one dedicated to the human figure. Once again, the AI ​​allows you to perform very easy interventions. Artificial intelligence skillfully recognizes the figures on stage; the sections for Face, Skin and Body contain the most effective tools for modifying the performance of the skin and also the shape of the body.

Advanced editing solution

Luminar Ai 1.5 is to all intents and purposes an advanced retouching program, because the tools it offers to artists are designed to produce high-level results; we add that it is no longer necessary to produce laborious masks or selections, the Artificial Intelligence rightly thinks about it. And when the results need small adjustments, we can manually intervene to refine the intervention area, as for the Bokeh Portrait panel which integrates two distinct intervention areas: the adjustments for the sharp area and the out of focus area.

Luminar AI portrait bokehIn red the mask automatically generated by Luminar AI. The Portrait Bokeh panel allows you to intervene on both in-focus and out-of-focus areas.

Luminar Ai is available for both Mac intel / Apple Silicon and Windows. The selling price is € 47.00 for a single station or € 59.00 for a double station. Pricing is for perpetual, non-subscription licenses.