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Ubisoft: wave of staff cuts for the French publisher

From “nothing personal” to “nothing more personal” it can be a short step: the tsunami of job cuts arrives at Ubisoft

The games industry isn't exactly known for being a job-keeping industry, but never have we seen waves of staff cuts and the last company to have the upper hand is Ubisoft. In this case there are “fortunately” fewer places than usual, but the last ones 45 layoffs they join the 120 from last November. This time, there are forty-five positions between the jumps Asian division and that of publishing globale. The aim, for what the avocatese always used in these cases is worth, is always to “streamline operations” and “improve collective efficiency”; this is evident from the declaration which we translate below.

Forty-five workforce cuts: nothing personal for Ubisoft

“Over the past few months, every team at Ubisoft has looked for ways to streamline our operations and improve our collective efficiency to better position us for long-term success,” the statement begins on staff cuts. “In this context, today we announce that we are further reorganizing our global publishing headquarters and Eastern sector facilities to adapt to the evolving market for a more efficient and agile approach. These changes will impact a total of 45 positions. These are not decisions taken lightly and the employees involved will have all the necessary support. We thank them heartily, and respectfully, for their many contributions to the company.” Meanwhile, in January Microsoft it cut 1900 positions, PlayStation won't kill 900, Electronic Arts 670, SEGA 240 and the same is true for many others.

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