Uniconverter: a very simple tool to download and edit videos

Uniconverter: un tool semplicissimo per scaricare ed editare video

We are talking about Uniconverter, a simple program that allows you to download and process video files from the web. The great advantage is that you can do everything in a very intuitive way with a single tool, from download to editing, passing through conversion.

Uniconverter is a powerful tool dedicated to video processing. Certainly the biggest advantage of this application is that the functionalities are very varied, complete and integrated under one interface. It will be possible to download videos from the web or record the screen. Then you can proceed to a basic assembly with cropping tools, effects and filters that can be applied to your liking, and text and animation tools. Finally it will be possible export the video with different codecs, by compressing it or creating funny GIFs or even burning everything on a DVD. In short, with Uniconverter you can do everything you need to assemble a video. Let’s see in detail the download and screen recording features.

Uniconverter: a very simple tool to download and edit videos

Uniconverter: download videos from the web

Once the program is installed it is very easy to use it to download a video from the web. First of all you will have to select from the bar on the left the Downloader option. At this point the interface to download the video will open. Now you will have to search for the page containing the video that interests us and then copy the url located in the navigation bar at the top of the browser. Let’s go back to the Uniconverter interface and paste the link in the dedicated area – there is a dedicated button to paste the link just copied or use the right mouse button. You can also directly drag the link to the downloader tab. Now we can select resolution, audio quality and even subtitles. You can also choose to convert the video to a different format than the original one. Once the format is set, the program will do all the work automatically: will analyze the video and start the download of which you can monitor thanks to the progress bar. Obviously it is possible to download several videos in parallel and you can decide to pause and then resume a specific download. Depending on the connection speed, the download time is also estimated. Once the download is complete, it will still be possible to change the format or open the folder that contains the file (obviously customizable by the user). And that’s it! Simple!

Uniconverter: a very simple tool to download and edit videos

Uniconverter: Record the screen

To record the screen we will have to select the Record Screen tab from the list on the left of the Uniconverter UI. The icon in the center of the window will allow you to start recording the screen in a simple way – alternatively at the top left next to the camera icon you can select the same option from the drop-down menu. At this point we will be asked to insert the sources to be recorded, both audio and video. The area to be recorded is fully customizable, so we will be able to record the entire screen or any portion of the screen, using the appropriate drop-down menu. If you use two screens it is also possible to choose which of the two to record directly from the Uniconverter UI. The audio it can be captured by the system microphone or by an external one for better quality. You can also decide not to record sounds. The steps are similar to those already seen for video sources.

Uniconverter: a very simple tool to download and edit videos

Certainly a highly appreciated feature of Uniconverter is the Picture-in-Picture to insert the video coming from the webcam into the screen recording, very useful for recording gameplay or comments. Just use the webcam icon and select the device to use. The pop up window has a customizable resolution between 1280 x 720, 640 x 480, 640 x 400 and more. It just needs to refine the format of the output file. From the gear icon under the REC button we can open the settings with different sections:

  • General: allows you to set the output frame rate, quality and format. You can export the recorded video to MP4, AVI or FLV. From here you can also choose the destination path with the save as function.
  • Duration of registration: in this section you can set the timer for recording. We can decide to manually start the recording and then stop it after a certain time or select the start and end instant of the recording which will start and close automatically.
  • Mouse: In this section, you can allow or disallow the recording of the mouse arrow and click sound during the recording session.
  • Shortcut: this section allows you to set the keyboard shortcuts to start and stop the recording session and to play and pause the recording.

Now we are left with the REC button that start recording which will start with countdown to give us time to get comfortable. At “3” the recording will start. Obviously UniConverter allows you to pause the recording or temporarily darken the webcam or audio thanks to the appropriate icons in the control bar. Screenshots can also be taken screen while recording. A very special function is to use the pencil tool insert shapes, freehand drawings, notes, texts and other graphic elements. finally, it is possible to stop recording at any time and to view a preview for a quick check.

Uniconverter: a very simple tool to download and edit videos

In short, UniConverter is a complete and powerful program for recording and downloading videos! That’s all from the software section, keep following us.

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