Unreal Engine 5: A new video for the Legend of YMIR MMORPG

WEMADE has released a new development trailer for its Legend of YMIR MMORPG project, the game will employ Unreal Engine 5

South Korean game developer WEMADE shared a technical demonstration video of theUnreal Engine 5 for your next generation MMORPG, Legend of YMIR. This technical demo presents the initial graphics of the game and gives you a pretty good idea of ​​what the creative team aims to create; we leave you the trailer in question below, you can view it by clicking on the player. Let’s see all the details about it in the next lines of this article.

Unreal Engine 5: Legend of YMIR will use the graphics engine but, for now, there is still little “next-gen”

So long as Legend of YMIR is in an early stage of development, this video does not represent the quality of the final product, but it is already something to realize the potential ofUnreal Engine 5. To tell the truth, however, the movie does not surprise with the clips of the various settings and characters shown. The final result would seem more similar to what is offered by theUnreal Engine 4 than from his successor. In short: nothing particularly next-gen despite the undoubtedly satisfactory level of detail. The hope, of course, is that WEMADE will be able to further improve the graphics of the game. Also because the graphic engine chosen for the development offers considerable possibilities.

Legend of YMIR is a Northern European reinterpretation of the previous series’ worldview ME. This new MMORPG will recreate the story of MIR in a fantasy setting. Additionally, Legend of YMIR will include PvP battles in the form of siege battles. As for the future of the graphics engine we talked about above, there are already several games that will use it. Among these is the videogame blockbuster Fortnite, and it could not have been otherwise, I am also aware that the engine is owned by Epic Games. The Chapter 3 of the game is in fact based on the graphics engine in question, more details about it here. In addition, some clues and details have recently emerged on the net that would suggest that the same engine will also be used for the next title of the role-playing saga. Mass Effect.

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