Upload me powerbank sharing: startup brings technology to Italy

Caricami porta in Italia il powerbank sharing thumbnail

The team of Upload me, an innovative startup, has decided to bring the powerbank sharing model to Italy. Inspired by the Chinese model, Caricami wants to provide Italians with a mobile charging service through an app and a network of charging seasons e powerbank always available. Let’s find out all the details.

Powerbank sharing arrives in Italy thanks to Caricami

A study conducted by Samsung in 2019 revealed a very peculiar fact: the 36% some Italians would prefer receive a recharge of the phone battery rather than a cash loan. This data arises in a context that sees us all always connected, continuously involved in digital interactions, so much so that a fear even emerges: that of remaining disconnected.

This fear is objectively motivated also by the fact that now our smartphone represents the nerve center of our digital identity, of our activities. It is also the tool that allows us to access ours Bank account, our people profili social. This fear has even been given a name: Nomophobia ie NO Mobile Phone PhoBIA.

In China, this need has caused what, in 2017, turned out to be one of the most growing sectors in the sharing company market: the power bank sharing. As of 2019, the 20% of the Chinese population had used the service, with 270 million users and over 1.5 billion dollars in turnover and a penetration of more than 50% in shopping centers and transportation.

It is also estimated that in the 2025 the powerbank sharing market can reach a value of 9.38 billion dollars. Inspired by such a strong trend, the Caricami team therefore decided to bring this business model to Italy.

A model that works

The operation of Caricami is simple: through thespecific application, the user is able to access a map that indicates the nearest charging station. Here it is possible rent a powerbank, recharge on the go and return it to any other station on the circuit.

Charge Me batteries are equipped with 3 connectors most popular on the market (micro USB, Type-C and Lightning) to be compatible with any mobile device. In addition, the charging stations are equipped with 8, 24 or 48 batteries each and can be installed in bars and restaurants but also in shopping centers or structures that host events.

Who uses the service pays according to consumption based on hours of use. There are however solutions where the charging is partially O completely offered by the facility where the station is installed.

The crowdfunding campaign

Caricami was born in December 2019 and was therefore forced to operate in full pandemic. Despite the difficulties, the start-up continued to expand its network of charging stations reaching seven Italian regions with over 200 installations. It has also established important collaborations with players such as Impact Hub, Talent Garden, the Italian Diagnostic Center, NEN and even Glovo.

To keep expanding and doing it fast, Caricami needs capital and that’s why they just started one equity crowdfunding campaign on the BackToWork24 platform.

For more information on the start-up, you can instead consult the official site.