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Valentine’s Day and self-love: the month of love with Philips OneBlade

Valentine’s Day and self-love: In the month of love, the Philips OneBlade reveals the deeper meaning of male grooming. For 83% of Italian men, shaving is the self-care ritual par excellence and a source of self-esteem for 64%

February is known to be the month of love. From Valentine’s Day to San Faustino, every sentimental situation has its celebration. But love doesn’t just mean taking care of your partner, but also of yourself. On a journey in search of the perfect balance between physical, mental and emotional needs, taking care of your appearance is just as important as adopting healthy habits. Whether it’s a relaxing massage, a new haircut or an extra five minutes in the morning to dedicate to facial skincare: everything contributes to creating a better version of yourself, to feel better in everyday life. But what are the factors that influence the beauty choices of Italian men? Philips OneBlade analyzed the motivations that drive men to take care of themselves by investigating their shaving habits.

Valentine's Day and self-love: the month of love with Philips OneBlade

Details about the Philips OneBlade – the best choice for Valentine’s Day

The research reveals that throughout the Bel Paese, shaving is an integral part of the male routine. Not only that, for many men it takes on a deeper meaning: 83% of Italians believe it is a body care ritual, for 64% it is a practice that helps them increase self-confidence. Furthermore, according to 77% it is a means to improve one’s appearance, while for 70% grooming expresses one’s personal style. At the same time, shaving also represents a fundamental element in relationships with others: 73% of the interviewees stated that they shave regularly before a romantic date, 80% that they do it in view of an outing with friends. For the most part, loved ones can influence style choices: 57% value the opinion of the partner, 53% that of friends.

These data show the positive impact that a simple gesture such as shaving can have on men’s psychophysical well-being. Within the male skincare routine, grooming plays an increasingly prominent role, as a means of expressing one’s self and increasing self-esteem and self-confidence,

explains Simone Marcucci, Media, PR & Influencer Marketing Manager, Philips Personal Health Italy, Israel and Greece.

At Philips we work every day with the aim of creating products that can enhance everyone’s individuality, of which the beard is certainly an expression in men. Precisely for this reason, it is important for us to help them shave so that they can take care of themselves and give voice to the style that best represents them.

Philips OneBlade 360: the number 1 brand in the world for electric shaving

Experimenting with new looks to surprise yourself, friends or your partner is child’s play with Philips OneBlade 360. A hybrid product that shaves, trims and trims beards of any length quickly and easily, to achieve a unique and inimitable style everyday. Thanks to its small size, it can be used anywhere, at home, on the road or in the gym. Furthermore, the innovative 360 ​​blade adapts to every curve of the face, jaw and neck, to reach even the most difficult to reach hair with the fewest strokes and greater comfort. Its extremely fast movements, 12,000 cuts per minute, make it effective even on the longest hairs. Finally, thanks to the included 5-in-1 beard trimmer comb, it is possible to obtain precise finishes for a flawless look.

And you? What do you think of the choice of Philips OneBlade to have the best on Valentine’s Day ? Let us know with a comment below and always stay tuned to for other news and reviews from the world of technology (and beyond!).

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