Valorant 4.0: The patch introduces new maps and much more

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The Valorant 4.0 patch is now available and includes a new agent, map and weapon updates. In addition, in order to play the competitive mode, you must be at least level 20.

All about the new patch 4.0 of Valorant

The highly anticipated finally arrives Valorant update 4.0. La patch introduce Neon, the last Agent to join the Duelist category. According to Riot’s statements, Neon – who comes from the Philippines – is a character who makes speed his strong point.

In addition to a new agent le new features also concern the maps, which will include new environments and additional coverage points. Riot has also made changes to the competitive mode, whose access will now be reserved for players who are at least level 20. The novelty applies only to new users: those who already have their own position in the ranking, even if below the twentieth level, will be able to continue to use the mode competitive.

All the innovations introduced

Melee Weapons:

  • Right click hitboxes are now 1.5 times larger, while left click hitboxes have greater range.
  • Knife attacks will tend to hit targets near the trajectory first. So accuracy will be important.

Aim with firearms:

  • Aiming errors will occur earlier than fired bullets. Ex: if before the errors occurred on shots four and seven, now they will show up on shots three and six.
  • Lowering time to change yaw from 0.24 >>> 0.18 seconds
  • When spraying, the time you have before you can change the yaw (horizontal movement) again is less


  • Thrust removed
  • Rate of fire increased from 10 >>> 13


  • Removed fire rate penalty on ADS (aiming down)


  • The hip fire rate increased by 9.5 >>> ten
  • Fire burst recovery improved from 0.4 >>> 0.35
  • Inaccuracy accumulates each time the weapon is used again before the cooldown. Shorter cooldowns should improve burst fire efficiency

Map updates:

Bind – New layout that makes life slightly easier for attackers. Introduced a small bench.

Breeze – More defense options thanks to a larger Main Choke A width. Added a stack of crates to the cave. Generally more coverage areas. Plant site expanded. Coverage added to site pillar B.

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed an issue where the kill counter was not updating

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