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Valorant: Riot Games presents three new international eSports leagues

The Valorant eSports universe is about to expand further: Riot Games has announced the arrival of three new leagues that will involve the whole world

The esports sector is constantly expanding: the disciplines that are created and the video games that become part of it are more and more numerous, in a world that now allows you to video games and connect with the entire population in the blink of an eye. The potential that eSports convey does not only in the gaming industry, but also in the sports one and entertainment, thus opens up new goals and scenarios for gamers and enthusiasts from all over the world.

For the occasion, Riot Games, one of the most renowned videogame companies above all in competitive gaminghas decided to start delle interesting new initiatives with regard to the highly played Valorant: with this title, in fact, three new international esports leagues will be opened, which will also give space to new game features, collaborations with selected teams and the participation of the best players.

Riot Games kicks off Valorant’s three new esports leagues

Riot Games announcement shows plans for the company’s near future: dal 2023 the composition of three new Valorant esports leagues will begin. A selected number of teams may present themselves in them, which will be able to forge long-term collaborative relationships without having to assign to shares, so that eSport can stay in steadily faster growth. The three leagues will have teams from the Americas, Europe and Asia, with clashes on a weekly basis and with the most talented players in the world.

They will face each other in LAN mode and, pandemic permitting, with an audience that will have the opportunity to observe the various exciting matches live. Throughout the year, the best teams from each league will go on to qualify for two international Masters events and the prestigious Valorant Champions tournament. It will be here that finally only champions will be crowned of the world of Valorant.

Among the features and events that Riot Games will be implemented, there is a competitive mode within the game and accessible to every player directly from Valorant, designed for find the best talent in the world. It will join the rankings already present, offering the player a new objective that will acocmpagnerà normal competitive games, integrating perfectly into the universe of Esports. There will also be the creation of new local leagues for them to offer new opportunities for emerging talents.

We also stress again the total exclusion of entry and participation feesand for organizations, an unprecedented factor for the esports scene: the head of Riot Games initiatives stated that the company wants to support the success of its partners in the long term, with the aim of allowing them to invest resources with greater freedom to support their professionals and to create content for fans.

As early as 2022, Riot Games will kick off nominations to identify partners, intent on transforming Valorant into the world’s largest eSport shooter. Selected teams will receive an annual salary and the exclusive opportunity to collaborate on in-game events and products.

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