Vampire Survivors: the title elected best game at the BAFTAs

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Great news for Vampire Survivors, voted best game at the recent BAFTAs. Let’s find out the details in this news

Great news for the very Italian title developed by Poncle. After gaining praise from audiences and critics, the already many times praised Vampire Survivors was elected best game during the BAFTAs Game Awards 2023 ceremony, held in the past few hours. The title, originally released on PC last October 2022 (and later also on consoles and mobile devices), managed to gain popularity in a short time and garner much acclaim from users.

The best game at the BAFTAs 2023 is Vampire Survivors

In the past few hours the BAFTAs Game Awards 2023 ceremony was held, in which Vampire Survivors was elected best game. There were many prestigious titles competing to compete for this coveted award, including for example God Of War Ragnarok (here our review on the matter) and the already GOTY 2022, Elden Ring. Despite this, Poncle’s work managed to be loved by the jury of the event, who decided to award him this prestigious title.

Vampire Survivors: the title elected best game at the BAFTAs

Despite this, the aforementioned titles still had their moments of glory, with Kratos’ latest adventure being awarded the Music award (the soundtrack, we recall, was composed by Bear McCreary), Audio Achievement and Animation, while, for example, the latest colossal effort by From Software has obtained the Original Property and Multiplayer awards, which add up to the already numerous awards previously earned by the title.

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