Vasco Electronics M3: the ideal pocket translator

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Pocket-sized, ultramodern and simple to use; we are talking about the Vasco Electronics M3 capable of translating over 70 languages: let’s find out

The difficulty in making yourself understood when you go to a foreign country it is a sometimes insurmountable barrier. For several years, however, there have been instant translators that allow us, thanks to a long-lasting battery and a unlimited internet connection, from bypass this problem. Vasco Electronics M3 it is a newly developed product that we believe to be one of the best on the market, and in this article we will explain why.

What is it about?

Vasco Translator M3 is able to translate beyond 70 languages offering the possibility to communicate easily and be understood without difficulty from beyond 90% of the population world with the same ease of a native speaker. Translation only takes 0.5 seconds and offers a level of precision e accuracy equal to 96% to say goodbye to misunderstandings and uncomfortable situations anywhere in the world.

SIM supplied

The cons of similar devices, however, are linked to the need for one Internet connection. Then the hunt begins all’hotspot on duty or at rete WiFi. Even worse, however, when you decide out of desperation to buy a sim and subscribe to local tariff plans at sometimes prohibitive prices.

Instead Vasco Electronics translators differ in a feature that makes them unique on the market: the supplied SIM which, thank you to the agreement con i major global players, offers free unlimited Internet connection for to use from the translation in 200 countries.

Main features

Let’s start talking about the peculiarities that make this device certainly attractive for everyone. There drums surely it is one of them parameters, because it ensures peace of mind even on trips where you are often more out than at home. There drums a long term guarantees up to 180 ore in standby fully recharged to always be ready for use.

Vasco Translator M3 it is also equipped with two microphones and high quality speakers for clear conversations even in noisy environments. The product offers three features to simplify business meetings, business trips or leisure travel:

  • TranslaCall: this allows you to easily translate any conversation.
  • MultiTalk: ideal solution for those who have to participate in group conversations or meetings with foreign partners. This function allows you to simultaneously translate into several languages ​​to speak simultaneously with groups of up to 100 people.
  • Translator taken a picture: it is possible to translate text, such as road signs, menus or product descriptions in a shop. Just take a picture with the built-in camera and Vasco Translator M3 will translate everything written in your native language.

The translators Vasco Electronics they have been awarded numerous awards such as the Red Dot Design Awardunanimously recognized as the Oscar of design, awarded to Vasco Translator M3 in 2021 which in the same year also received the New York Product Design award and the prize GLOMO. What do you think of this translator? Let us know with a comment below and keep reading all the notes to stay updated on the latest news and more.

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