Venom-The Fury of Carnage: anticipated release in America

The release of Venom – Carnage’s Wrath has been anticipated by Sony Pictures by two weeks. The anticipated sequel starring Tom Hardy will be available in US theaters starting October 1st

After various postponements and rumors, the Sony Pictures has formalized the shift of the release date of Venom-The Fury of Carnage. A decision influenced by the huge box office success achieved with the new film Shang-Chi and the legend of the ten rings, also registered Marvel.

To play the role of the enigmatic lethal protector Venom, the actor Tom Hardy flanked by Michelle Williams e Woody Harrelson.

Where We Left: Everything You Need to Know About Venom – Carnage’s Wrath

A date that does not go unnoticed for the most attentive and loyal of the film. The new film in fact, will debut in the same period of release as the first Venom (dated 1st October 2018); which posted a record gross of $ 80.2M ($ 850M total worldwide gross), before being surpassed the following year by another blockbuster title, Joker (counting a whopping $ 96.2M).

Resuming after the post credit revelation of the first chapter of Venom, Eddie Brock now returns as a protagonist in an almost peaceful coexistence with the lethal protector symbiont of the city. The enigmatic reporter seems ready to face in the guise of the anti-hero Marvel, the psychopath Cletus Casady turned into the terrible Carnage symbiote son of Venom. To make an appearance in this criminal circle, there will be Shriek (played by the actress Naomie Harris) a supervillain with sonic powers.

The film will see the exceptional direction of Andy Serkis, an actor known for the performance capture of Gollum O King Kong, grappling this time with his own third feature film destined for the big screen. The script once again sees the hand of Kelly Marcel, already active in the first chapter of the saga.

Further plot details have not yet been revealed. The official Italian release date is currently set for October 14, 2021.

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