Verisure ZeroVision: the system that maximizes home safety

Verisure ZeroVision: massima sicurezza per la casa durante i week end fuori porta thumbnail

With spring, the season of weekends and trips out of town began which also involves a thought to home security as he points out Verisure. The multinational leader in Europe and Italy in the monitored alarms sector for shops and homes has developed a High Security offer to protect homes and families.

Maximum safety at home with Verisure ZeroVision

According to the survey Security in Italy in 2021created by Verisure in collaboration with the Sondea Research Institute, the greatest fear of Italians in view of a departure of a few days is the theft in the house. About 44%, in fact, fear of suffering a domestic theft during an absence, short or long. For more than 40% of the respondents it is “extremely p fairly likely” that a theft will occur. The survey confirms that, in view of departures, 39% of Italians have already increased their security measures while another 36% intend to do so before their next trip.

The home security solution

To maximize safety, the high security Verisure anti-theft kit integrates ZeroVision. This is the first smoke bomb that in just 45 seconds fills the protected environment with a dense smoke that eliminates the thief’s visibility, forcing him to look for an escape route. This system can be activated remotely. According to the data provided, Verisure’s High Security kit with ZeroVision has already prevented over 630 thefts in 2021. The ZeroVision device is small in size (just 15 cm) and is certified non-toxic for people and animals. It should also be noted that the smoke bomb does not sport and does not damage the furniture. Verisure also offers a lifetime warranty.

Verisure ZeroVision in action

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