Wikipedia says ‘stop’ cryptocurrency donations

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Wikimedia Foundation (WMF), the organization behind the online encyclopedia Wikipediaannounced that will no longer accept cryptocurrency donations. The association has declared the closure of its Bitpay account, blocking any future crypto donation.

Wikimedia Foundation announces stop to cryptocurrency donations for Wikipedia

The association explained that, after starting to accepting cryptocurrency donations since 2014 at the behest of the communities that write the online encyclopedia, he decided to close them permanently. This choice comes after nearly 400 community members voted on the issue. 234 voted to stop crypto donationso, 94 in favor.

High has played an important role among the winning arguments environmental impact of the production of coins such as Bitcoin. But also the risk of scams he was appointed.

But more than any other argument, the low percentage of cryptocurrency donations for Wikipedia has convinced the undecided. In fact, in 2021 WMF reports $ 130,100.94 in cryptocurrencieswhich corresponds to only 0.08% of total donations.

After eight years of donations in Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and Ether, the editor Molly White had proposed in January the closure of this practice during the event of its conception Web3 Is Going Just Great. According to White, they were a contradiction to the association’s environmental commitment.

White, who uses the username GorillaWarfare on Wikipedia, he had also cited as also Mozilla (Firefox mom) was reconsidering her involvement with crypto. And in fact since last month Firefox no longer receives cryptocurrency donations.

Molly White commented on Wikimedia’s decision saying to herself: “Really proud of my community for taking what I think is a ethical decision after many intelligent discussions. There are too many problems with cryptocurrencies for any collection from donations to be worth the cost of legitimizing them ”.

WMF concluded by saying “flexible and responsive to the needs of volunteers and donors”. That they will be able to continue to back it with national currencies. Such as already makes 99.92% of them.

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