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Smart equipment: fitness meets technology

The one between fitness and technology is presented as a winning combination, based on technological solutions thanks to which daily training is more comfortable and practical

The technology puts itself more and more at the service of fitness, providing a wide range of cutting-edge solutions. For example, smartphone apps and clothing innovations, but also features integrated into the latest models of home fitness tools. We could mention, for example, a new model of elastic tank top with multiple sensors able to detect breathing and heartbeat constantly. This tank top generates statistical information, such as the kilometers traveled during the day, and allows you to check whether or not enough time is dedicated to rest. Not only that: with the help of the sensors you can also find out which is the stress level that is accumulated. All this happens thanks to a connection to the smartwatch or smartphone in bluetooth mode, thanks to a battery whose autonomy is 14 hours.

The combination of fitness and technology

The one between fitness and technology, therefore, it presents itself as a winning combination, based on technological solutions thanks to which daily training is more comfortable and practical. Thus, the conditions for exercising, at home or in outdoor environments, improve; it is always possible to monitor the values ​​of one’s own organism and, at the same time, one has the opportunity to interact with the tool that is used to carry out the activity, using training schedules and programs that can be downloaded to your phone.

Home fitness apps

Home fitness apps are becoming more and more important: that’s why now all new generation equipment integrate a connection with the telephone. The interfaces are characterized by the availability of wifi and bluetooth connections; it is possible to interact, for example, with mp3 players to listen to music or to hear the advice of the personal trainer via audio files. The display LCD it helps to manage the connection with your device in a more functional way. Among other things, it is possible to insert a technical sheet created thanks to an app or to define the training plan according to your needs. In the app stores you can find numerous applications for mobile devices that, in a sense, take the place of personal trainer and play their role. How? By creating fitness cards that are based on running on conveyor belt, but also on a balanced diet. In short, no detail is left to chance, thanks to a well detailed sheet which helps maintain fitness over time.

An increasingly contagious fashion

Fitness is perhaps a trend, but it certainly has positive effects: so why fight it? The merit is also of this type of app: the numbers related to download they are more than positive and testify to the success of home workouts. Studies in the US, for example, reveal that nearly one in two people use app on your phone to indulge in fitness. Anyone has the opportunity to set up a space at home in which to prepare the tools needed to train.

What training to do at home

The types of training that can be dedicated to at home are many. It has already been said about the treadmill ride, but it is also worth mentioning the exercise bike for training on a bike or the spin bike for a bit of aerobic exercise. In all cases, technology allows for better performance. The presence of novelty in tools it is, among other things, functional to the possibility of optimizing the training conditions, destined to be more pleasant.

New products to use

Here, at a time when more and more people choose to train on their own, it is worth learning to know the new smart clothing present on the market and new equipment on the market, in which the most advanced technologies are present. It is no longer necessary to join the gym, and by staying at home you have the opportunity to train whenever you want, even if there are weather conditions that do not allow you to carry out outdoor activities. Not much space is needed to recreate one in a domestic context personal gym.